Illustrator CS4: Essentials

Illustrator CS4: Essentials


Total Run Time: 6 hrs

With Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS4: Essentials, you'll discover a world of amazing tools and commands within the industry standard vector drawing application, Adobe Illustrator.


  1. Learn how to set up and manage multiple artboards.
  2. Discover how to use layers to lay out multiple versions of a document.
  3. See how to thread text and manage imported text in a layout.
  4. Learn how to effectively use the Pen tool, and how to manipulate anchor points.
  5. Find out how to move artwork out of Illustrator for use in print and on the web.

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In this Illustrator CS4: Essentials series, you’ll learn tricks, techniques, and go-arounds to achieve brilliant results, artistic effects, and stunning visuals. Whether you’re preparing work for print, the web, or beyond, you’ll gain the skills necessary to stay competitive in today’s marketplace using Illustrator CS4.

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Course outline


  1. Setting Up a New Document
  2. The Toolbox & Menus
  3. The Application Bar & Panels
  4. Customizing Workspaces & Keyboard Shortcuts
  5. Setting Preferences
  6. Navigating a Document
  7. Using Rulers, Guides & Grids
  8. Document Color Modes, Setup & the New Artboard Tool

  1. Drawing Rectangles & Squares
  2. Drawing Ovals & Circles
  3. Drawing Polygons & Stars
  4. Drawing Lines, Arcs & Grids
  5. Tracing a Placed Image
Chapter 3: MAKING & SAVING SELECTIONS (24 min)

  1. Using the Selection Tool
  2. Using the Direct Selection Tool
  3. Using the Lasso Tool
  4. Using the Magic Wand Tool
  5. Using Advanced Selection Techniques
  6. Saving & Reloading Selections
Chapter 4: MANAGING SHAPES (32 min)

  1. Moving & Copying Shapes
  2. Aligning & Distributing
  3. Grouping
  4. Locking & Hiding
  5. Transforming Shapes
Chapter 5: WORKING WITH COLOR (46 min)

  1. Applying Fill & Stroke
  2. Loading Swatch Libraries
  3. Copying Fill & Stroke Attributes with the Eyedropper
  4. Mixing & Saving Custom Colors
  5. Working with Pantone(R) & Web-Safe Swatches
  6. Using Gradients
  7. Working with Symbols

  1. Using the Pencil, Eraser & Smooth Tools
  2. Creating Straight Paths with the Pen Tool
  3. Creating Curved Paths with the Pen Tool
  4. Creating Combo Paths
  5. Inking a Pencil Drawing
  6. Manipulating Paths & Anchor Points
  7. Creating Artistic Brush Effects

  1. Setting Up a Layer
  2. Understanding Layers, Sublayers & Isolation Mode
  3. Creating Multiple Versions of a Layout
  4. Moving Content between Layers
  5. Duplicating Layers
  6. Applying Transparency & Blending Modes
Chapter 8: WORKING WITH TYPE (53 min)

  1. Creating Artistic & Paragraph Type
  2. Importing Text
  3. Formatting Text
  4. Creating & Editing Paragraph Styles
  5. Creating a Bulleted List & Inserting Special Characters
  6. Wrapping Text around Objects
  7. Creating Type on a Path
  8. Type Effects 12:01
Chapter 9: OUTPUTTING YOUR WORK (35 min)

  1. Saving Your Work
  2. Exporting Your Work
  3. Save for Web & Devices
  4. Printing & Saving to Adobe PDF
  5. Credits

Presenter Info

Geoff BlakeGeoff Blake is a Toronto-based author, trainer, designer, and artist. For the past ten years, he’s provided a wide range of graphic design, artwork, consulting, in-class training, and web design services.

A professional public speaker since 1997, Geoff has taught desktop publishing, web design ,and graphics courses in both the corporate and post-secondary environments, working closely with some of the largest training providers and colleges in the Toronto area. His appearances, in-class training, and consulting have taken him throughout North America, where he’s built a solid reputation for delivering otherwise jargony material in a fun, enjoyable, and entertaining way. With his diverse print and web experience, he regularly contributes to magazines and web sites, and is currently working on a series of print, web, and design books—penning Ten Ton Dreamweaver in 2006 with Peachpit Press, and following up with Ten Ton Flash, which is in current production.

Geoff is very comfortable with modern digital and pre-press print preparation, cutting edge web design techniques, and software/hardware troubleshooting. Throughout his career, he’s provided expert training and support for a variety of applications, including Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign, Illustrator.

You can visit Geoff online at, where he posts his latest tricks, techniques, reviews, and other discoveries in the ever-expanding world of technology.