Flash Catalyst CS5: Select Topics

Flash Catalyst CS5: Select Topics


Total Run Time: 0.4 hrs

Total Training™ for Adobe® Flash® Catalyst® CS5: Select Topics is a collection of tutorials that will teach the basics of how to set up a project and add components.


  1. Prepare Artwork for Flash Catalyst
  2. Open and Run Projects
  3. Add States
  4. Edit States using Adobe Illustrator
  5. Create a Radio Button

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Learn to set up your artwork for Flash Catalyst, open and run a project, and add states and edit them in Illustrator. You’ll also learn to create basic components including buttons, a checkbox and a radio button.

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Course outline

Chapter 1: PROJECT BASICS (9 min)

  1. Preparing Artwork for Flash Catalyst
  2. Opening a New Project & Running Projects
  3. Adding States & Editing Them in Illustrator®
Chapter 2: BASIC COMPONENTS (16 min)

  1. Creating a Button
  2. Creating a Checkbox
  3. Creating a Radio Button

Presenter Info

Garth BraithwaiteGarth Braithwaite is Senior Experience Designer at Adobe working on Flex and Flash Catalyst Additionally Garth hosts RIA Radio, a weekly podcast for O’Reilly and InsideRIA; co-authored The Flex 4 Cookbook; speaks at conferences like Flash and the City, 360|Flex, and MAX; and teaches. Garth is an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) and an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) for: Flex, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and InDesign.