Fireworks CS5

Fireworks CS5


Total Run Time: 5.2 hrs

Total Training for Fireworks CS5 begins by teaching you the foundations of Fireworks and will quickly show you how to create vector shapes and design a logo. You will also learn to work with text, bitmaps and layers, before moving on to creating interactive buttons using slices, hotspots and rollovers.


  1. FXG Export
  2. New Design Templates
  3. Property Inspector Workflow enhancements
  4. Text Improvements
  5. Layers, Pages and States Panel Improvements


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In this Fireworks CS5 series, you will also explore wireframing, RIA, AIR and mobile prototyping and how Fireworks allows you to design in multiple pages, and even export standards compliant CSS.

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Course outline


  1. Creating a New Document & Modifying the Workspace
  2. Exploring the Tools Panel
  3. Exploring the Properties Inspector & Preferences
  4. Using Rulers, Guides & Grids
  5. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  6. Accessing Fireworks Help & Support
Chapter 2: CREATING VECTOR SHAPES (28 min)

  1. Drawing a Shape & Adding a Gradient
  2. Using the Freeform & Subselection Tools
  3. Using Auto Shapes
  4. Selecting Colors & Swatches
  5. Applying Textures & Patterns
  6. Applying Filters & Working with Styles
Chapter 3: WORKING WITH TEXT (15 min)

  1. Creating & Formatting Text
  2. Importing Text & Using Placeholder Text
  3. Using the Check Spelling & Find and Replace Commands
Chapter 4: WORKING WITH BITMAPS (30 min)

  1. Importing, Scaling & Cropping
  2. Making & Editing Selections
  3. Adjusting Color
  4. Using the Rubber Stamp Tool
  5. Creating a Vector Mask & an Auto Vector Mask
Chapter 5: WORKING WITH LAYERS (15 min)

  1. Exploring the Layers Panel
  2. Creating Layers & Sublayers
  3. Renaming, Organizing & Changing Stacking Order
Chapter 6: SLICES, HOTSPOTS & ROLLOVERS (43 min)

  1. Creating & Naming Slices
  2. Linking Slices
  3. Optimizing Images
  4. Making Hotspots
  5. Creating Rollovers & Disjointed Rollovers

  1. Designing a Button & Rollover States
  2. Setting Button States Using the States Panel
  3. Creating Symbols
  4. Animating GIFs
Chapter 8: WORKING WITH PAGES (25 min)

  1. Using the Pages Panel & Pages
  2. Using Design Templates
  3. Sharing Layers between Templates
  4. Adding Master Pages
Chapter 9: WIREFRAMING (36 min)

  1. Introduction to Wireframes
  2. Creating Your Own Styles & Symbols
  3. Working with Common Library Items
  4. Prototyping for AIR™ Applications
  5. Prototyping for Flex® Applications

  1. Photoshop® Integration
  2. Illustrator® Integration
  3. Flash® Integration
  4. Dreamweaver® Integration
  5. Flash Catalyst™ Integration
Chapter 11: EXPLORING PATHS & BLEND MODES (19 min)

  1. Using the Path Panel
  2. Applying Blend Modes in the Properties Inspector
  3. Painting on a Layer Using a Blend Mode
Chapter 12: EXPORTING (13 min)

  1. Exploring the Export Panel
  2. Setting Up a File for CSS Export
  3. Using Device Central for Mobile Development
  4. Credits

Presenter Info

Dee SadlerDee Sadler loves being a girl geek and a designer who codes. She is an artist, photographer, web designer and loves reading books on web standards. Community, is her middle name because she’s an Adobe User Group Manager, Adobe Community Professional on the Creative Suite, Adobe Freelance Professional, and a Certified Instructor in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks. Dee is dedicated to bridging the gap between designers and developers.