Fireworks CS3

Fireworks CS3


Total Run Time: 3.4 hrs

Get your designs from the rest of the CS3 suite out to the web and ready for the masses with Adobe Fireworks CS3. This program picks up where Adobe's old ImageReady left off and comes packed with new features to set your designs up using html, java, and even CSS.


  1. Learn how to adjust your raw images and get them compressed and ready for the web.
  2. Create your own website designs using the bitmap and vector tools built into Fireworks or importing designs from Photoshop or Illustrator.
  3. Learn how to use Fireworks layers, compositing, and filter effects to take your designs to a higher level.
  4. Understand Fireworks slicing features to make your designs into web pages and add advanced elements like rollover and pulldown menus.
  5. Try out round trip editing of your completed web site – edit in Fireworks and back to HTML.

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With John Ulliman as your guide for this Fireworks CS3 training, you’ll learn how to adjust, crop, and use filters on your digital pictures, scans and stock art. Plus, you’ll learn how to create composite images using layer techniques, adjustments and effects.

Sample clip

Course outline


  1. Introducing Fireworks
  2. Rotating & Cropping an Image
  3. Using Levels to Adjust Brightness
  4. Adjusting the Color
  5. Removing Red Eye
  6. Explaining Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Using Filters
  8. Using Sharpening Filters
  9. Using Painting Tools
  10. Using the Blur & Sharpen Tools
  11. Setting Up the Image Size
  12. Optimizing Your Images for the Web
  13. Additional Optimize & Align Settings

  1. Making Simple Vector Shapes
  2. Modifying Fills & Strokes
  3. Working with Patterns & Gradients
  4. Adjusting the Opacity & Applying Filters
  5. Working with Layers
  6. Create a Logo with Gradients & Layers
  7. Working with the Pen Tool
  8. Delete Points along a Path & More Pen Tool Tips
  9. Creating & Using Styles

  1. Making Bitmap Selections
  2. Setting Properties to Marquee Selections
  3. Manipulating Selections
  4. Using the Magic Wand
  5. Creating a Multi-Layer Composite
  6. Removing Complex Backgrounds
  7. Removing More Complex Backgrounds
  8. Adding Text

  1. Taking a Look at the Layers
  2. Importing & Adjusting Images & Text
  3. Creating a Button Graphic
  4. Creating Slices
  5. Setting Slice Properties
  6. Exporting HTML & Image Slices
  7. Using the New Pages Panel
  8. Create a Button & Add Rollover Actions
  9. Add, Align, Name & Link Multiple Buttons
  10. Create HTML Slices & More Image Slices
  11. Exporting & Previewing in a Browser
  12. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

John UllimanJohn Ulliman has been working in interactive digital media since 1985 starting out his career on cutting edge applications for computer modeling and animation in the Aerospace industry with a number of companies, including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. He started his own studio, On The Wave Visual Communications in 1991 providing 2D and 3D graphics and animations for print, video and the web. He has consulted for many software firms in the industry, including Apple, Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, AutoDesk, and Alias Wavefront.

John has been teaching ever since he first picked up a computer, initially on hardware and programming languages, then on technical CAD software, and currently on all the products he uses to make animation magic work. He currently offers training on products for creating 2D and 3D artwork, assembling it into animations and interactive environments, as well as products which help him edit and produce the final work – whether that might be video, TV, CD-ROM, web or print.

John is an Adobe Certified Expert and an Adobe Certified Instructor for Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Director, Flash Video and Flash Mobile environment. He only provides training on software products that he actually uses in production, with the intention to bring as much practical experience into his classes as possible.