Expression Web: From FrontPage to Expression Web

Expression Web: From FrontPage to Expression Web


Total Run Time: 3 hrs

Janine starts with a quick review of the differences between FrontPage and Expression Web, pointing out the many ways you can customize the interface of this new web design program to make it your own. Next, you'll discover how to make the transition from Web designs created with HTML Tables to advanced layouts with CSS using Expression Web, and more.


  1. Appreciate the benefits of upgrading to Expression Web.
  2. Discover how Expression Web works with Visual Studio to create ASP.NET sites.
  3. Learn the advantages of creating standards-based Web sites with clean code.
  4. Develop state-of-the art Web designs with advanced CSS features.

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In Expression Web: From FrontPage to Expression Web, you will learn how to use Dynamic Web Templates to automate global changes and manage navigation elements across many pages. Move beyond FrontPage features, like Themes, Shared Borders, and Web bots that are not supported in Expression Web. Discover the advantages of standards-based Web design and create Web pages that are accessible to everyone on the Web!

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Course Outline

Chapter 1: Comparing FrontPage & Expression Web (23 min)

  1. Reviewing the FrontPage & Expression Web Interfaces
  2. Comparing Features
  3. Customizing the Expression Web Interface
  4. Setting Preference Options
  5. Looking at the Differences in Toolbars

    Chapter 2: Creating Web Sites in Web vs. FrontPage (23 min)

    1. Comparing the Site Setup Processes
    2. Creating New Pages & Setting Properties
    3. Comparing Page Layout Options with Tables & CSS
    4. Explaining the Advantages of CSS

      Chapter 3: Creating CSS Designs in Web (63 min)

      1. Preparing to Create a CSS Layout
      2. Creating a CSS Layout
      3. Add Additional DIV Tags & Styles to the Page
      4. Creating Image Maps in Expression Web
      5. Using New Paste Options
      6. Floating DIVs Left & Right
      7. Adding & Positioning Images
      8. Styling Unordered Lists as Vertical NavBars
      9. Creating Links & the Rollover Effect
      10. Creating a Clear Style

        Chapter 4: Creating & Using Dynamic Page Templates (30 min)

        1. Saving a Page as a Template
        2. Creating a New Page from a Template
        3. Making Global Changes with a Template
        4. Making Style Changes to the Pages
        5. Linking All Pages & Sections

          Chapter 5: Managing Web sites in Web vs. FrontPage (70 min)

          1. Converting FrontPage Themes to Expression Web
          2. Removing Shared Borders from FrontPage
          3. Creating a Dynamic Web Template
          4. Adding Shared Content
          5. Reformatting an Unordered List
          6. Attaching Dynamic Web Templates
          7. Adding a Theme to a Site
          8. Replacing Themes with External Style Sheets
          9. Managing FrontPage Extensions or Web Components
          10. Explaining Layers in Expression Web
          11. Working with Layers in Expression Web
          12. Aligning Layers in Expression Web
          13. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

Janine WarnerSince 1995, Janine Warner has written more than a dozen books about technology and the Internet, including her latest Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies.

A recognized Internet expert known for making technology fun and accessible, she has been a featured guest on a variety of radio and television programs, and her articles have appeared in such diverse publications as the Miami Herald, Shape magazine, and the Point Reyes Light newspaper.

Janine is a popular speaker at conferences and events in the United States and her fluency in Spanish brings her regular invitations to Latin America and Spain. Janine has also been a part-time faculty member at the University of Southern California and at the University of Miami where she taught online journalism.

From 1998 to 2000, Janine worked full time for the Miami Herald as their Online Managing Editor and later as Director of New Media. She also served as Director of Latin American Operations for CNET Networks.

An award-winning former reporter, Janine earned a degree in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. To learn more, visit her Web sites at and