Expression Blend 4: Essentials

Expression Blend 4: Essentials


Total Run Time: 7 hrs

Total Training Expression Blend 4: Essentials will teach you to create professional looking interactive user experiences using the latest version of Expression Blend.


  1. SketchFlow
  2. Behaviors & Conditional Behaviors
  3. The PathListBox
  4. Master/Detail Databinding
  5. The Data Store

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After becoming familiar with the Expression Blend 4 interface, you’ll cover the basics from getting your application running on the Silverlight platform, to more advanced topics like creating and using custom controls and animation. This training also explores prototyping with SketchFlow, a new set of functionality built into Expression Blend 4 and so much more.

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Course Outline

Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION & TOUR (13 min)

  1. Introducing Expression Blend 4
  2. A Quick Look at the Blend Interface
Chapter 2: HELLO WORLD (15 min)

  1. Creating Your First Application
  2. Adding Basic Controls to Your First Application
Chapter 3: VISUAL DESIGN (58 min)

  1. The Basics of Paths
  2. Brushes, Shapes, Fills, Strokes & Gradients
  3. Convert Shape to Path, Transform Objects & Boolean Operations
  4. Working with Images & Clipping Paths
  5. Importing Adobe® Photoshop® Layers
  6. Modifying Borders
  7. Applying, Embedding & Managing Fonts
Chapter 4: WORKING WITH LAYOUTS (39 min)

  1. The Grid Container
  2. Putting Things in the Right Place
  3. The StackPanel & ScrollViewer
  4. The PathListBox
Chapter 5: THE BASICS OF ANIMATIONS (45 min)

  1. The Basics of Animation
  2. Easing & Keyframes
  3. Controlling Animation with Behaviors
  4. Tweaking Animation Duration & Timing
  5. Tying It All Together
  6. Animation Interactions
Chapter 6: USING RESOURCES (31 min)

  1. Introduction to Resources
  2. Resource Scope & What it Means
  3. Resource Dictionaries

  1. What are Styles?
  2. What are Templates?
  3. Visual States
  4. Transitions, Transition Eects& Transition Binding
  5. A More Complex Control: The Scroll Bar
  6. Unkeyed Resources
Chapter 8: USER CONTROLS (16 min)

  1. What is a UserControl?
  2. Fixing Broken Resources in UserControls
Chapter 9: WORKING WITH DATA (47 min)

  1. Element to Element Data Binding
  2. TwoWay Data Binding
  3. Creating a Sample Data Source
  4. Data Templates
  5. The Master Detail View
Chapter 10: ADDING INTERACTIVITY (34 min)

  1. Using Events to Create Interaction
  2. Using Behaviors to Create Interaction
  3. Introduction to the Data Store
  4. Adding Conditional Behaviors
Chapter 11: USING SKETCHFLOW (70 min)

  1. Welcome to SketchFlow
  2. The SketchFlow Map & Creating a Prototype
  3. The SketchFlow Player
  4. Hooking Up Navigation & Component Screens
  5. Feedback in Both Directions
  6. Using the Data Store & Conditional Behaviors in a Prototype
  7. Displaying Data from the Data Store & Multi-State Component Screens
  8. SketchFlow Animations
  9. Credits

Presenter Info

Dante GagneDante Gagne is and has been an active member of Expression Blend since its first breakthrough. He is currently the only person teaching the training classes Microsoft offers to its own developers and designers. Additionally, Dante also creates and records materials to help field agents provide the most thorough and comprehensive lessons. Dante’s extensive background and teaching experience makes him a very knowledgeable and reliable trainer.

Dante Gagne brings to Total Training well over a decade of experience. With plenty of practice under his belt, ranging from teaching complex topics to engineers as a software engineer to training classes for Ford, General Motors and Daimler Chrysler on the Engineering program HyperGraph (Altair Engineering). These Fortune 500 companies became repeat customers due to his excellent reputation. In these training classes, Dante was responsible for creating workbooks and schedules for the content material.

Dante has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and has also been awarded the Highest Award of Achievement from the Dale Carnegie Course on public speaking and leadership.