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In this Excel Online training series, we'll learn about Microsoft® Excel® Online. We'll cover basics, from opening a new workbook and renaming it. From there, we will discuss working with cells and data, create and share a survey, add and reply to comments, and share your spreadsheets with others so you can work on them at the same time.

Length: 1 hour

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Presented by Rob Norgon, this Excel Online training course will teach you the latest tips and tricks for working with cells, data, and more. By the time you’re finished with this course, you’ll have an understanding of creating surveys, adding comments, and even collaborating with others on the same document.

This training course features Microsoft Office Excel Online 2013.

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A. Basics
What you’ll learn in this training
Overview of the ribbon
Open a new blank workbook
Open a workbook from a template
Rename a spreadsheet
Copy a spreadsheet
Add, delete, and reorder sheets
Enter data and move between cells

B. Working with Cells and Data
Sort data
Filter data
Search data
Set cell ranges
Enter values in a cell range
Use AutoFill
Create a basic formula
Use a function in a formula
Format numbers
Format text
Wrap and align text
Add a border
Change column width and row height
Format as a table
Insert and delete rows and columns
Create a chart

C. Survey
Create a survey
Share a survey

D. Comment
Add a comment in the browser
Reply to a comment

E. File Tab
Overview of the file tab

F. Print
Printing options
Share & Collaborate

G. Share and Collaborate
Sharing options
Work together in the same spreadsheet
Open in Excel (desktop version)