• Excel 2016 Protecting Your Spreadsheets

Excel 2016 for PC – Protecting Your Spreadsheets


In this Excel 2016 for PC – Protecting Your Spreadsheets online training series, you'll learn about how to protect your Excel cells, worksheets, and workbooks in Excel 2016.

Length: 13 min

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Product Description

Excel® 2016 for Windows® has all the functionality and features you’re used to, with some added features and enhancements. With Excel 2016 for PC – Protecting Your Spreadsheets, presented by Dan Fanella PhD, you’ll learn about setting a password, locking and unlocking cells, marking workbooks as final, and more!

Sample clip

A. Protecting Your Spreadsheet
Protecting a worksheet
Unprotecting a workbook
Using a password to protect a worksheet
Unprotecting a worksheet
Locking and unlocking specific cells
Protecting the structure of a workbook
Marking workbook as final