Excel 2016 for PC – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions


In this Excel 2016 for PC – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions training, we'll cover how to set up formulas to ensure you're using all the features Microsoft® Excel® 2016 has to offer.

Length: 1 hr 24 min

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From using common formulas such as SUM, AVERAGE and IF, to more complicated formulas such as NESTED IF functions, this Excel 2016 for PC – Frequently Used Formulas & Functions series presented by Dan Fanella, PhD, will teach you the common uses for a variety of formulas in Excel. Additionally, we’ll cover how to alter formulas and check for errors.

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A. Getting Started & What’s New
What you’ll learn

B. Formulas
SUM function
AVERAGE function
COUNT function
DATE and NOW functions
DAYS function
MATCH function
TRANSPOSE function
ROUND function
AND function
OR function
IF function
NESTED function
COUNTIF function
SUMIF function
VLOOKUP function
HLOOKUP function
Text to columns

C. Linking and Consolidating Worksheets
Create a link formula within the same workbook
Create a link formula to another workbook
Consolidate values from multiple workbooks
Consolidate worksheet values within a function
Absolute links vs. relative links
Consolidate command with multiple sheets
Consolidate command with multiple workbooks
Open a workbook with external reference formulas
Break links to external references

D. Auditing & Error Checking
Display formulas
Identify precedent cells
Identify dependent cells
Check for errors
Evaluate a formula