Excel 2016 for PC – Evaluating Data


 This Excel 2016 for PC – Evaluating Data online training series focuses on how to create data validation rules when entering data into your sheet and also to create conditional formatting to help visually analyze data that has already been inputted into the sheet.

Length: 44 min

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 In this Excel 2016 for PC – Evaluating Data online training series presented by Dan Fanella, PhD, learn how Excel’s® validation tools allow you to control and validate the data that is entered into a cell. Data validation also enables you to format and set messages up based upon the data that is entered into a cell. Conditional formatting within Excel allows the user to format cells and data based on existing data in a worksheet – this way, you can create quick visual representation of the data based on specified conditions.

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A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn

B. Data Validation
Specify data validation criteria
Create data validation rule messages
Identify invalid data within a data validation range
Create a data validation drop-down list
Find cells that contain Data Validation rules
Clear existing Data Validation rules

C. Conditional Formatting
Understand Conditional Formatting
Apply Greater Than Conditional Formatting
Apply other conditional operators
Checking for duplicate values
Apply Top/Bottom rules
Apply data bars
Apply color scales
Apply icon sets
Create a Conditional Formatting rule
Manage Conditional Formatting rules
Clear Conditional Formatting rules