Excel 2013 – Protecting Your Spreadsheets


In this Excel 2013 – Protecting Your Spreadsheets online course, you'll learn how to protect your Excel cells, worksheets, and workbooks in Microsoft® Excel® 2013.

Platform: Windows

Length: 9 min

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With Excel 2013 – Protecting Your Spreadsheets, you’ll get a quick overview of the security features of Microsoft® Excel® 2013. Presented by Dan Kuemmel, this essential training course will give you the confidence and knowledge to insure your documents are safe.

This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2013 for Windows.

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A. Protecting Your Spreadsheet

1. Protecting a workbook
2. Unprotecting a worksheet
3. Using a password to protect a worksheet
4. Locking and unlocking specific cells
5. Protecting the structure of a workbook
6. Unprotecting a workbook