Excel 2013 – Intro


Microsoft Excel 2013 is a powerful spreadsheet application that is perfect for maintaining long lists of data, budgets, sales figures and other data. In this Excel 2013 – Intro online series, we'll show you how to navigate through the basics of Microsoft Excel 2103 and use some new features including Skycloud, which allows you to share and store files in a location where you can access them with any computer that has Excel.

Platform: Windows

Length: 5 hours 4 min

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With Excel 2013 – Intro, you’ll learn how to create tables, move information around with ease, and use formulas that can calculate the totals of everything from a monthly budget to a loan payment. Microsoft Excel 2013 has been redesigned, and several common functions are now much easier to use. Presented by Dan Kuemmel & Cindy Rybaczyk, this introductory training series will make sure you get the most out of the program.

This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2013 for Windows.

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A. Basics
Introducing the Start screen
Introducing the new user interface
Signing into and using your Microsoft account
Introducing and using Apps for Office
Introducing the Formatting task pane
Using Backstage view
Understanding a worksheet and entering information into a cell
Changing the default number of worksheets and the cell movement
Using Save and Save As
Sharing your files pt. 1
Sharing your files pt. 2
Working together on a file
Moving with the keyboard pt. 1
Moving with the keyboard pt. 2

B. Customization
Changing the Office Background and/or Office Theme
Using and minimizing the Ribbon
Changing the Ribbon display options
Using the Quick Access toolbar
Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
Adding/using the Touch/Mouse Mode
Resetting the Quick Access toolbar
Customizing the Ribbon pt. 1
Customizing the Ribbon pt. 2
Adding a new tab to the Ribbon
Resetting Ribbon customizations
Importing/exporting Ribbon customizations
Using Keytips

C. Controlling the Worksheet View
Zooming in and out of a worksheet
Viewing a worksheet in multiple windows
Viewing workbooks side by side
Splitting the worksheet window
Freezing and unfreezing panes
Monitoring cells with the Watch Window
Viewing using full screen
Creating custom views

D. Working with Cells
Using AutoComplete
Editing a cell
Using spell check
Selecting cell ranges pt. 1
Selecting cell ranges pt. 2
Entering values in a cell range
Using AutoFill
Using Flash Fill
Using Cut, Copy and Paste
Using Paste Preview
Using Paste Special
Using the clipboard pt. 1
Using the clipboard pt. 2
Using Drag and Drop editing
Using Undo and Redo
Using the Clear command

E. Sorting and Filtering
Sorting data in a worksheet
Sorting by columns or multiple criteria
Filtering data in a worksheet using AutoFilter
Clearing a filter in a worksheet
Creating and/or statements using AutoFilter
Creating a criteria range
Defining criteria using the criteria range
Creating and/or statements using the criteria range

F. Formulas and Functions
Using AutoCalculate
Using AutoSum
Using the Quick Analysis tool pt. 1
Using the Quick Analysis tool pt. 2
Creating formulas
Using functions and the Function Wizard pt. 1
Using functions and the Function Wizard pt. 2
Editing formulas
Checking formulas for errors
Using Relative Cell Referencing
Understanding Absolute Cell References
Creating an Absolute Cell Reference

G. Formatting Cells
Formatting numbers using the Ribbon
Formatting text using the Ribbon
Using the Alignment and Indentation commands
Rotating information in a cell
Wrapping text in a cell
Using the Merge and Center command
Using the Borders command
Drawing cell borders
Formatting cells using the Format Cells dialog box
Using the Format Painter command

H. Working with Columns and Rows
Selecting columns and rows pt. 1
Selecting columns and rows pt. 2
Changing column width
Changing row height
Hiding and unhiding columns and rows
Inserting columns
Inserting rows
Deleting columns and rows
Inserting and deleting cells

I. Outlines
Creating an outline automatically
Creating a manual outline
Displaying levels in an outline
Hiding the outline symbols
Clearing an outline
Adding subtotals to a worksheet pt. 1
Adding subtotals to a worksheet pt. 2

J. Styles, Themes, and Tables
Using cell styles
Creating a custom cell style by example
Creating a custom cell style
Deleting a custom cell style
Modifying a custom cell style
Merging custom cell styles
Using themes
Customizing themes
Formatting as a table pt. 1
Formatting as a table pt. 2
Creating a custom table style pt. 1
Creating a custom table style pt. 2
Deleting a custom table style

K. Workbook Views and Page Setup
Using Normal view
Using Page Layout view
Using Page Break preview
Using the Page Layout tab
Changing the margins
Changing the page orientation and paper size
Setting manual page breaks
Setting print titles
Creating headers and footers
Using the Page Setup dialog box

L. Printing
Using Print and Print Preview
Using Share
Using Export
Setting print areas
Adding to and clearing print areas

M. Custom Number Formats
Formatting numbers automatically
Understanding custom number formatting
Creating a custom number format
Creating custom date and time formats
Hiding the contents of a cell using a custom format
Deleting a custom format

N. Importing
Importing a text document