Excel 2013 – Charting


In this Excel 2013 – Charting online training series, you'll learn how to harness Microsoft® Excel®2013's charting capabilities so you can effectively compare data and communicate your information.

Platform: Windows

Length: 1 hours 35 min

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In Excel 2013 – Charting, you’ll learn how to leverage the chart elements and formatting options to energize and highlight your data. Instructor Rob Norgon guides you through presenting your chart using the built-in options of Excel, the Quick Analysis Tool and the Recommended Charts Tool. The elements of using Sparklines to visualize your data will provide you with an alternative to charts.

This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2013 for Windows.

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A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn in this training

B. An Overview of Charts
Identifying elements on a chart
Selecting chart data in adjacent cells
Selecting chart data in nonadjacent cells
Charting using the Chart Group buttons
Working with tabs and ribbons
Working with the Quick Analysis tool

C. Using the Chart Tabs and Ribbons
Viewing a Sample chart
Creating Column and Bar charts
Creating Line charts
Creating Pie and Doughnut charts
Creating Scatter and Bubble charts
Circling duplicate values in a scatter plot
Creating Area charts
Creating Radar charts
Creating Surface charts
Creating Stock charts
Creating a chart template
Creating a Combo chart

D. Formatting Your Chart
Adding titles and labels
Changing the chart type
Formatting the chart area
Adding a border and/or patterns to the plot area
Formatting the Axis properties
Setting Format options for titles and labels
Setting the placement and font for the legend
Changing the data series
Changing the data series pattern or marker
Changing the shape of a 3D data marker
Changing the plot order
Resizing and repositioning
Showing or hiding the data table
Changing the gap and overlap values
Changing the elevation and rotation
Pulling out slices
Using a graphic or picture

E. Presenting Your Chart
Placing a chart on a separate chart sheet
Printing a chart sheet
Printing embedded charts
Inserting a static copy of your chart
Inserting a linked copy of your chart
Saving your chart as a Web page

F. Working with Sparklines
Introducing Sparklines
Creating Sparklines
Grouping and ungrouping Sparklines
Editing the Sparkline data
Changing the Sparkline type
Showing Sparkline data points
Formatting the Sparkline
Changing Axis settings
Changing Hidden and Empty Cell settings
Clearing Sparklines