Excel 2011 – Intermediate


Enhance your productivity by working your way through this Excel 2011 – Intermediate online training course. Learn how to work with charts and graphics, use conditional formatting, use names to work with ranges, and much more!

Platform: Mac

Length: 1 hours 55 min

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Presented by Adam Best, the Excel 2011 – Intermediate online training series covers topics such as freezing panes, creating range names, hiding comments, and formatting chart elements. By the time you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a firm grasp of Sparklines, formatting graphics, the VLOOKUP function, and more.

This training course is for Microsoft Office Excel 2011 for Mac.

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A. Working with Worksheets
Activating and navigating between worksheets
Selecting multiple worksheets
Adding a worksheet to a workbook
Deleting a worksheet from a workbook
Changing the name of a worksheet
Changing the sheet tab color
Rearranging the worksheets pt. 1
Rearranging the worksheets pt. 2
Hiding and unhiding worksheets

B. Controlling the Worksheet View
Zooming in and out of a worksheet
Viewing a worksheet in multiple windows
Splitting the worksheet window
Freezing and unfreezing panes
Viewing using Full Screen
Creating custom views

C. Using Names to Work with Ranges
Creating range names pt. 1
Creating range names pt. 2
Moving to a named range
Using range names in formulas
Creating a 3-D range name
Editing a named range
Deleting a named range

D. Understanding Cell Comments
Adding a comment to a cell
Reading comments
Showing and hiding comments
Editing comments
Formatting comments
Printing comments
Deleting a comment

E. Working with Charts
Creating a chart
Using Quick Layouts
Changing the data orientation in a chart
Changing the chart type
Understanding chart types pt. 1
Understanding chart types pt. 2
Creating an embedded chart or a chart sheet
Moving and resizing an embedded chart
Adding a chart title
Adding axis titles
Changing the location of the chart legend
Adding data labels
Adding a data table to a chart
Changing the chart axis
Changing the gridlines
Formatting chart elements
Moving, resizing, and deleting chart elements
Deleting a chart
Printing a chart

F. Working with Sparklines
Introducing Sparklines
Creating Sparklines
Grouping and ungrouping Sparklines
Editing the Sparkline data
Changing the Sparkline type
Showing Sparkline data points
Formatting the Sparkline
Changing Axis settings
Changing Hidden and Empty Cell settings
Clearing Sparklines

G. Working with Graphics
Inserting a shape
Inserting a photo
Inserting clip art
Inserting a SmartArt® graphic
Inserting a text box
Inserting WordArt
Selecting objects
Resizing a graphic object
Reshaping a graphic object
Rotating a graphic object
Moving a graphic object
Aligning graphic objects
Copying a graphic object
Deleting a graphic object
Grouping graphic objects
Stacking graphic objects
Formatting the fill of a graphic object
Formatting the outline of a graphic object

H. Conditional Formatting
Understanding conditional formatting
Applying highlight cells rules pt. 1
Applying highlight cells rules pt. 2
Applying highlight cells rules pt. 3
Applying top/bottom rules
Applying data bars
Applying color scales
Applying icon sets
Managing conditional formatting rules
Clearing conditional formatting rules

I. Functions
Using COUNT functions
Using the IF function
Using the VLOOKUP function
Using the HLOOKUP function
Using Concatenate
Using Text to Columns pt. 1
Using Text to Columns pt. 2