Drum Tuning and Maintenance

Drum Tuning and Maintenance


Total Run Time: 1 hr

Joe Randeen, a veteran drummer demonstrates the challenges of tuning and maintaining your drum kit.

Topics include

  1. Introduction
  2. Drum Tuning and Maintenance

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This Drum Tuning & Maintenance tutorial will help you produce the best possible sound from your equipment. Host Joe Randeen demonstrates how to select, replace and properly tune drumheads as well as selecting sticks. This tutorial will help maintain your investment by showing you how to routinely and properly maintain your kit while achieving the best sound possible.

Sample clip

Course Outline

Chapter Introduction (48 sec)

  1. Drum Tuning and Maintenance Introduction
Chapter 2: Drum Tuning and Maintenance (63 min)

  1. Drum Kit Mountings
  2. Drum Head Types
  3. Drum Head Removal Introduction
  4. Drum Head Removal
  5. Bottom Head Tuning
  6. Top Head Replacement
  7. Top Head Tuning
  8. Snare Drums
  9. The Kick Drum
  10. Drum Stick Selection
  11. Final Tuned Drums
Chapter 3: Conclusion (34 sec)

  1. Drum Tuning and Maintenance Conclusion

Presenter Info

Joe RandeenJoe Randeen has been drumming in live and studio situations for over two decades and is also a multi-platinum award-winning producer (RIAA) with over 40 releases worldwide. Currently, Joe is the co-founder and COO of HowAudio.com. Joes desire is to mentor and help younger players learn, grow and excel. “There are plenty of great videos on how to play the rudiments, a drum-kit, and different styles, but no one ever teaches the beginning drummers how to tune and maintain their kits. This title does just that.”