Drum Miking Techniques

Drum Miking Techniques


Total Run Time: 2.3 hrs

In this tutorial Les Camacho, a seasoned recording engineer, and Jonathan Gorman, an experienced studio drummer, demonstrate the best microphones and techniques for miking the drum kit in studio and how to best capture the dynamics of your music.

Topics include:

  1. Drum Miking Techniques Intro
  2. Listening for Microphone Positions
  3. Basic Microphone Techniques
  4. Pro Studio Microphone Techniques
  5. Drum Miking Techniques Outro

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While Les & Jonathan present this Drum Miking Techniques tutorial, you will learn how to listen, how to find the “sweet spot” of each drum, what type of microphone is best for each drum, how to test and then fine tune the mic placement using three different setups from entry-level microphones to high-end microphones.

Sample clip

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Drum Miking Techniques Intro (1 min)

  1. Introduction
Chapter 2: Listening for Microphone Positions (33 min)

  1. The Importance of Drum Tuning
  2. Muffling For The Best Sound
  3. Drummer Tips & Techniques for Best Sound
  4. The Kick Drum
  5. The Snare Drum
  6. The High Hat
  7. The Rack Toms
  8. The Floor Toms
  9. Overheads
Chapter 3: Basic Microphone Techniques (74 min)

  1. Selecting Affordable Drum Microphones
  2. Kick Drum Microphone Placement and Audition
  3. SubKick Microphone Placement and Audition
  4. Snare Drum Top Microphone Placement and Audition
  5. Snare Drum Bottom Microphone Placement and Audition
  6. High Hat Microphone Placement and Audition
  7. Rack – Tom 1 Microphone Placement and Audition
  8. Floor – Tom 2 Microphone Placement and Audition
  9. Floor – Tom 3 Microphone Placement and Audition
  10. Overhead Cymbal Microphone Placement and Audition
  11. Conclusion
Chapter 4: Pro Studio Microphone Techniques (30 min)

  1. Introduction
  2. Kick Audition
  3. Snare Audition
  4. Overheads Audition
  5. Room Microphones Audition
  6. Microphone Audition
  7. Conclusion

Presenter Info

Les CamachoLes Camacho is a multitalented and experienced Los Angeles-based audio engineer with credits that include artists such as Massive Attack, The Killers, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons and Fleetwood Mac just to name a few. Les’ first big gig was running sound for Nick Mason (Pink Floyd’s drummer) on Pink Floyd’s 1994 World Tour. A consummate professional, he really understands how to preserve the “live” sound of a band while in the studio.