Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced

Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced


Total Run Time: 6 hrs

Learn professional techniques that will help you design and develop an impressive web site using Dreamweaver CS4. This training walks through advanced concepts in Dreamweaver CS4 including creating pure CSS layouts, working with reusable assets such as Snippets, Library Items and Templates.


  1. Learn how to work with Adobe's Spry Framework to create AJAX-enabled web pages.
  2. Find out all about the Code Navigator and how to use it in your next project.
  3. Discover the Live View feature.
  4. See how to use the New CSS Rules panel.
  5. Learn all about Related Files.


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Additionally in this Dreamweaver CS4: Advanced course, you will get the chance to work with Adobe’s Spry Framework to create AJAX-enabled web pages. This series is just what you need to take your Dreamweaver skills one step further and give your site a professional polish.

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Course outline

Chapter 2: ADVANCED CSS CONCEPTS (56 min)

  1. A Review of CSS Styles
  2. Creating & Modifying Styles from the Properties Panel
  3. Creating & Modifying Styles from the CSS Styles Panel
  4. Working with Page Properties
  5. Working with Compound Selectors
  6. Working with Margins & Padding
  7. Transforming a List Using CSS
  8. Styling Hyperlinks
  9. Working with Internal & External Style Sheets
Chapter 3: CREATING A LAYOUT WITH CSS (70 min)

  1. Using a Tracing Image
  2. Setting Up Guides
  3. Understanding Layout Types
  4. Working with Absolutely Positioned Layouts
  5. Understanding Float Behavior
  6. Creating a Photo Gallery Using the Float & Clear Properties
  7. Creating a Flexible 2-Column Layout
  8. Styling a 2-Column Layout
  9. Adding Finishing Touches
  10. Dealing with Browser Compatibility Issues

  1. An Overview of the Spry Framework
  2. Adding a Spry Menu Bar
  3. Styling the Spry Menu Bar
  4. Adding a Spry Tabbed Panel
  5. Adding the Spry Accordion Widget
  6. Styling the Spry Accordion
Chapter 5: USING SPRY DATA WIDGETS (21 min)

  1. Overview of the Spry Data Widgets & XML
  2. Creating the Spry XML Data Set
  3. Adding a Spry Repeat List
  4. Adding Data Fields to a Spry Repeat List
  5. Styling a Spry Repeat List
Chapter 6: SNIPPETS & LIBRARY ITEMS (23 min)

  1. Overview of Snippets & the Snippets Panel
  2. Creating & Reusing Snippets
  3. Working with Library Items
  4. Modifying & Updating Library Items
  5. The Assets Panel
Chapter 7: USING PAGE TEMPLATES (38 min)

  1. Overview of Templates
  2. Creating a New Template & Setting Editable Regions
  3. Creating New Pages from Templates
  4. Modifying Templates
  5. Working with Repeating Regions for Flexible Information
  6. Removing Template Markup
Chapter 8: HAND CODING (32 min)

  1. Configuring Code View
  2. Code Hinting & the Coding Toolbar
  3. Validating Code
  4. Advanced Code Formatting Preferences

  1. Review of Remote Connection
  2. Using Check In/Check Out
  3. Creating & Saving a Design Note
  4. Credits

Presenter Info

Jeremy Osborn is a designer, educator and writer who has more than 15 years of design experience and management skills. He is very seasoned in technology strategy with strong expertise in print, web and digital video. In addition, Jeremy is the author of the book “Dreamweaver CS4 Digital Classroom” and is currently the Director of Content for AGI. Prior to working with AGI, Jeremy served as the Program Director of the Graphic and Web Design program at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University.