Dreamweaver CC – What’s New?


In this online training series, Dreamweaver CC – What's New?, you will learn about the new features in Adobe Dreamweaver CC, including how to use CSS Designer, which allows you to visually design cross browser CSS rules. 

Length: 1 hour 4 min

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With Dreamweaver CC – What’s New?,  learn how to incorporate the new jQuery UI widgets into your webpages. Other new features including syncing your Adobe Dreamweaver preferences, inserting HTML 5 elements, new fluid grid layout tools, and integration of Adobe Web Edge Fonts and Edge Animate compositions into your web pages are also covered in this training.

Other procedures for using Dreamweaver remain essentially unchanged from the previous version.

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A. CSS Designer
What you’ll learn in this training
Setting up a site for assets files
Defining CSS with a page
Adding CSS rules into your Web page
Adding CSS rules to a linked CSS file
Applying visually designed CSS rules pt. 1
Applying visually designed CSS rules pt. 2
Defining media queries

B. jQuery UI
Setting up a page to use jQuery UI
Creating Accordions and Tabs UI widgets
Creating Datepicker, Dialog, Progressbar and Autocomplete UI widgets
Creating Buttons, Buttonset, Checkbox and Radio Buttons UI widgets

C. Fluid Layouts
Arranging Fluid Grid Layout elements
Customizing and viewing a Fluid Grid Layout

D. Using Creative Cloud CC
Syncing Dreamweaver settings

E. Working with HTML 5
Inserting HTML5 video
Inserting HTML5 audio
Inserting a canvas

F. Adobe Edge Integration
Adding Adobe Edge Web Fonts to a Web page
Importing Adobe Edge Animate compositions