Dreamweaver 8

Dreamweaver 8


Total Run Time: 10 hrs

This Dreamweaver series is hosted by Janine Warner, best-selling author of Dreamweaver For Dummies, which has sold more than 200,000 copies and is in its sixth edition.


  • Get up to speed quickly with an in-depth overview of this award-winning web development tool.
  • Understand the numerous capabilities of working in this flexible software that is both a design tool and code editor.
  • Learn how to quickly incorporate video and other multimedia into your web site and make more efficient updates.

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Janine shares her extensive knowledge of Dreamweaver, an industry-leading web design tool, in over 10 hours of high quality video training.

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Course Outline

Disc 1

Chapter 1: Introducing the Interface (24 min)

  1. Getting Started
  2. The Insert Bar & Properties Inspector Panel
  3. The Menu Bar
  4. The Status Bar
  5. Preferences
Chapter 2: Creating Your First Website (20 min)

  1. Setting Up a New or Existing Site
  2. Creating a New Document
  3. Adding & Formatting Text
  4. Setting Fonts for a Web Page
  5. Creating Lists, Indenting, & Changing Text Color
Chapter 3: Adding Images & Links (23 min)

  1. Saving Images for the Web
  2. Inserting & Aligning Images on a Web Page
  3. Creating Links & Previewing in a Browser
  4. Creating an Email Link
  5. Creating a Jump Link & Testing Links
Chapter 4: Creating Sites Using Templates (15 min)

  1. Browsing Templates
  2. Creating a Website from a Template
  3. Adding Images to a Starter Page
  4. Updating Files & Changing Background Colors
Chapter 5: Designing with Tables (32 min)

  1. Creating Tables on a Web Page
  2. Altering Tables Using the Properties Inspector
  3. Creating a New Site
  4. Placing Images & Graphics into Tables
  5. Aligning Text & Graphics in Tables
  6. Adding a Background Color
  7. Using Tracer Images in Layout Mode
  8. Building Pages over Tracer Images
  9. Inserting Text from Other Files
  10. Tweaking Layouts to Create Perfect Pages
Chapter 6: Creating Online Forms (19 min)

  1. Setting Up an Online Form
  2. Adding Radio Buttons & List Menus
  3. Creating Text Fields & Areas
  4. Adding Checkboxes & Submit Buttons
  5. Setting Properties for Form Submission
Chapter 7: Saving Time with Libraries, Assets, & More (20 min)

  1. Getting Started with Site Setup & Linking
  2. Creating & Using Library Items
  3. Editing Library Items
  4. Using the Assets Panel
  5. Using the Find and Replace Command
  6. Checking Spelling & Editing a Dictionary
Chapter 8: Creating Websites with Frames (25 min)

  1. Introducing Frames & Framesets
  2. Creating Frames & Framesets
  3. Saving Framesets
  4. Tricks for Inserting Images & Setting Scroll Bars
  5. Using Tables with a Frameset
  6. Linking Thumbnail Images with Full-Size Images
  7. Dos & Don’ts about Using Frames
Chapter 9: Dreamweaver Tips & Tricks (64 min)

  1. Integrating Photoshop® with Dreamweaver®
  2. Setting Display Options
  3. Saving Features as Favorites
  4. Organizing Files & Folders
  5. Targeting Links
  6. Adding Metatags
  7. Using the History Panel
  8. Adding PDFs to Web Pages
  9. Using Rollovers for Fun & Games
  10. Using Animated GIFs
  11. Backing It Up
  12. Closing Comments & Credits

Disc 2

Chapter 1: Rollovers & Other Image Tricks (22 min)

  1. Creating & Inserting Rollover Images
  2. Drawing Image Maps
  3. Cropping Images on a Page
  4. Resizing & Slicing Images in Fireworks®
Chapter 2: Saving Time with Templates (37 min)

  1. Creating a Template from an Existing Page
  2. Setting Editable & Uneditable Regions
  3. Setting Repeating & Optional Regions
  4. Creating New Pages Based on Templates
  5. Placing Links in a Template
  6. Altering & Updating Templates
  7. Nesting, Exporting & Using Contribute™
Chapter 3: Designing with Cascading Style Sheets (38 min)

  1. Introducing Cascading Style Sheets
  2. Creating a New Class Style
  3. Creating an External Style Sheet
  4. Applying External Style Sheets
  5. Modifying External Style Sheets
  6. Editing Style Properties
  7. Defining Rules for Styles
  8. Working with Predefined Styles
Chapter 4: Creating Precise Designs Using Layers (43 min)

  1. Loading & Organizing Images
  2. Creating a Tracing Image
  3. Drawing Layers & Inserting Images
  4. Inserting Text & Using Styles
  5. Sizing & Aligning Layers Precisely
  6. Using Tables within Layers
  7. Stacking Multiple Layers
  8. Adding Background Images
  9. Arranging Layers Using the Z Index
Chapter 5: Using Behaviors to Add Interactivity (26 min)

  1. Introducing Behaviors
  2. Using the Behaviors Panel
  3. Applying & Changing Behaviors
  4. Creating a Pop-Up Window
  5. Creating Status Bar Text
  6. Combining Image Maps & Behaviors
  7. Getting More Behaviors
Chapter 6: Adding Audio, Video, & Flash™ to a Page (54 min)

  1. Viewing a Website Made in Flash
  2. Inserting & Embedding a Flash Site
  3. Exploring the Flash Properties Panel
  4. Inserting Flash Buttons & Text
  5. Learning about Streaming Media File Formats
  6. Creating Links to Video Files
  7. Embedding a QuickTime™ Video in a Page
  8. Using the QuickTime Parameters
  9. Embedding a Windows Media® Video into a Page
  10. Adding Audio to a Web Page
  11. Changing the Audio Parameters
Chapter 7. Testing Your Website (30 min)

  1. Setting Up Your Site for Testing
  2. Checking Links
  3. Identifying & Dealing with Orphaned Files
  4. Changing Links Sitewide
  5. Using the Check Accessibility Function
  6. Testing Your Work with the Site Reports Option
  7. Recreating Site Cache
  8. Visualizing Your Site in Map View
  9. Using the Locate in Site Feature
  10. Checking for Browser Compatibility
Chapter 8. Publishing & Managing Your Website (31 min)

  1. Setting Up a Site
  2. Setting Up the Server Information for FTP
  3. The FTP File Panel Options & Viewing Remote Files
  4. Transferring Files to & from a Server
  5. Working with the Synchronize Button
  6. Alternative Dedicated FTP Programs
  7. Activating Team Management Features
  8. Using the File Check In & Check Out Features
  9. Working with Design Notes
  10. Setting Options in the File View Columns Dialog Box
  11. Enabling Cloaking
  12. Using the Compare with Remote Function
Chapter 9. Working in the Code (33 min)

  1. Introducing HTML
  2. Previewing Code in a Browser
  3. Editing HTML
  4. Exploring Code View Options
  5. Setting Preferences
  6. Using Code Hints
  7. Editing Tags & Creating Snippets
  8. Using the Code Inspector & Cleaning Up HTML
Chapter 10. Building a Dynamic Website: Getting Started 25 min)

  1. Introducing Database Websites
  2. Installing Internet Information Services (IIS)
  3. Installing a Testing Server
  4. Setting Up a Data Source Name (DSN)
  5. Selecting Security Options
  6. Preparing to Create a Dynamic Website
  7. Creating an ASP JavaScript™ Page
Chapter 11. Building a Dynamic Website: Setting Up Pages (24 min)

  1. Viewing Database Structures
  2. Accessing Dynamic Content Data Sources
  3. Adding Server Scripts & Reusable Code
  4. Creating Record Sets
  5. Inserting Record Sets into Tables
  6. Creating & Formatting Repeating Regions
  7. Adding a Dynamic Image
  8. Binding a Dynamic Image
  9. Adding Navigation to a Dynamic Page
Chapter 12. Troubleshooting Your Website (34 min)

  1. Using Layers & Tables Appropriately
  2. Converting Layers to Tables
  3. Linking Images to Pages
  4. Setting Up the Check Browser Behavior
  5. Replacing HTML Code Using Find and Replace
  6. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

Janine WarnerSince 1995, Janine Warner has written more than a dozen books about technology and the Internet, including her latest Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies.

A recognized Internet expert known for making technology fun and accessible, she has been a featured guest on a variety of radio and television programs, and her articles have appeared in such diverse publications as the Miami Herald, Shape magazine, and the Point Reyes Light newspaper.

Janine is a popular speaker at conferences and events in the United States and her fluency in Spanish brings her regular invitations to Latin America and Spain. Janine has also been a part-time faculty member at the University of Southern California and at the University of Miami where she taught online journalism.

From 1998 to 2000, Janine worked full time for the Miami Herald as their Online Managing Editor and later as Director of New Media. She also served as Director of Latin American Operations for CNET Networks.

An award-winning former reporter, Janine earned a degree in Journalism and Spanish from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. To learn more, visit her Web sites at www.jcwarner.com and www.digitalfamily.com.