Docker Web Development – Course Bundle

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This Docker Web Development – Course Bundle will teach you all about containers and how to deliver software applications quickly and efficiently. Go from a basic introduction, to Docker installation, to advanced concepts such as building a swarm cluster with Compose. By the time you’ve completed these courses, you’ll be a master at using Docker for your web development needs.

Total Bundle Length: 24.5 hrs

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Docker dramatically changed (for the better) the lives of those who transfer, install and manage software applications on a regular basis. It made the process much less complicated and virtually eliminated any stress involved. Want to learn how to containerize your application, automate it from start to finish, and then incorporate other tools such as Flask and Kubernetes? With nearly 25 hours of comprehensive video training, this Docker Web Development – Course Bundle is for you!

Courses included in this bundle:

Introduction to Docker – 2 hrs
Docker Compose in Depth – 2 hrs
Scaling Docker on AWS – 6 hrs
Essential Docker for Python Flask Development – 2.5 hrs
Docker for DevOps – from Development to Production – 7.5 hrs
Introduction to Kubernetes Using Docker – 4.5 hrs

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