Photoshop & Illustrator: Design Mobile App Icons Using Photoshop & Illustrator


Learn to design clean and elegant launcher app icons for Android and iOS using Adobe® Illustrator and Photoshop! This intermediate – advanced Design Mobile App Icons Using Photoshop & Illustrator course will use your existing design software knowledge to take you from sketch to export of your final app icon projects. Project Files included!

Length: 2 hrs 14 min

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If you think that designing App Icons is a difficult task using Photoshop, or you know the basics of Photoshop or Illustrator and want to create App Icons for your iOS App or Android App, then this course is for you! This course is all about iOS and Android App Icon Design – from design to exporting all different sizes to support all devices.

This Design Mobile App Icons Using Photoshop & Illustrator course covers all the do’s and don’ts of App Icon design. You will see a lot of examples of bad and great app icons in this course. You will also learn about all the different iOS and Android App Icon sizes and specifications.

There is a whole section on Android App Icon Design in this course. In Android App Icon Design, you will learn the whole process of App Icon design from Sketching and Ideation, to converting it to shapes in Illustrator and finally generating all the different sizes for all Android Devices.

What you’ll learn:

  • We will design an elegant iOS Mail App icon during this course.
  • You will also learn all the technical problems newbies face when they try to start designing iOS App Icons.
  • You will Design two icons for a Hydration App and learn the process behind it.
  • In the end, you will generate all the different sizes for Android Apps and which size you are going to submit to Google App Store
  • Resources and PSD files for app icon creation process are included!

Who is this course for?

  • Designers
  • Photoshop Users
  • App Developers
  • App Designers
  • Anyone who wants to launch an app

Now let’s dig in and start Designing Awesome App Icons in Photoshop and Illustrator!

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How this course is laid out
Why do we need great app icons?
Qualities of good app icons
Don’ts of app design
Do’s of app design
iOS app icon size specifications
Always design in square
Use maximum size and space for your focal design object
Using vector shapes and tools in Adobe® Photoshop®
Grid and size to design iOS app icon
Photoshop new document setup for iOS app icon design
Download app icon PSD template
How to use iOS app icon template
Design 3D elevated app icon base in Photoshop
Design simple gradient app icon base in Photoshop
Design envelope icon in Photoshop
Design envelope rounded triangle in Adobe Illustrator
Last minute adjustments to iOS app icon
Exporting all different sizes of iOS app icon for Apple iPhone® or iPad®
Intro to Android app design
Sizes and specs for Android app icons
Do’s and don’ts of Android app icon design
Material design guidelines for Android product icons
Getting ideas and early sketches
Assets and templates used for Android app icons
Designing a glass container shape in Illustrator
Designing water waves in Illustrator
Heart water waves icon design in Photoshop –  first idea
Glass filled with water icon design in Photoshop – second idea
Generating all different icon sizes for Android devices
Using new Assets Export panel in Illustrator CC 2018
What’s Next?

Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz is an award-winning, multi-talented designer. His hunger for perfecting the User Interface from all aspects has led him to work with clients all over the world, including the USA, Australia, UK, and United Arab Emirates. With a career spanning over 10 years, his work includes projects for FORTUNE 500 companies such as INTEL, PANASONIC and Coca Cola.

Muhammad’s experience includes improving the User Experience of the UK GP Tools Mobile App, games and e-commerce websites, and creating new design patterns for showing passwords safely in password fields. He’s worked from App Icon Design to App UI Design, and from wireframes and prototypes to mockup design.

His ultimate goal is to make more awesome UI Designers, and ease the pain of learning for newcomers in this field of UI Design.

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