Premiere Pro CC & Dreamweaver CC: Create a Background Video Website


Create a Background Video Website Using Premiere® Pro & Dreamweaver® is the perfect course for people new to the world of web design.

In this course you will first learn how to select, edit, and export video. Next, you will learn how to create a responsive website, and add your video to the website. Lastly, you will get access to downloadable project files, professional techniques and shortcuts, and a wealth of additional resources to help you on your career path.

Length: 2 hrs 10 min

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In this Create a Background Video Website Using Premiere® Pro & Dreamweaver® course, expert instructor Daniel Scott will start with the basics and go through the full process of editing a video, adding effects, and then creating a website to showcase the video as a fullscreen background.

With project files included, you can follow along step-by-step to achieve the same professional results as Daniel, or use the files as a starting point for your own creativity.

By the time you’ve completed this course, you will have a solid foundation in creating and exporting a video in Adobe® Premiere Pro CC and building a basic responsive website in Adobe Dreamweaver CC, as well as gain insight into the techniques used by professional website designers.

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Chapter 01: Overview

1. Introduction

2. Resources & what is covered in the course

3. Cool examples of full screen video backgrounds on websites

Chapter 02: Creating your video background

1. Where to get video for your background

2. Setting up your video background & basic editing in Premiere Pro

3. Adding texture, color & opacity to your background video in Premiere Pro

4. How to make your html background video super small file size

5. How to make a WebM video file in Adobe® Media Encoder

Chapter 03: Creating the video background website

1. Getting our website setup in Dreamweaver

2. Adding a fullscreen background video to a website using Dreamweaver

3. Basic text & images on top of our video background

4. Production Video – Building the rest of our website

5. Make a fullscreen video background mobile friendly & responsive

6. Add background video to a specific div tag box on your website

Chapter 04: Cheat Sheet

1. Cheat Sheet

Daniel Scott Daniel Scott is an expert designer and teacher. He is an Adobe® Certified Instructor for Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro and After Effects. He prides himself on delivering the best service to his clients and making sure all his students learn to their fullest potential. He is currently the lead trainer at Bring Your Own Laptop Training Center in New Zealand.