Copyright and Publishing Law: For Musicians and Songwriters

Copyright and Publishing Law: For Musicians and Songwriters


Total Run Time: 1 hr

The digital revolution has heralded incredible innovations and technology advancement. With these advances the need to protect yourself and your music rights has never been greater.

Topics include

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Ownership
  3. Protecting Your Music
  4. Getting It Out There
  5. Typical Contract Terms

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Attorney Brock Shinen will give you helpful tips and legal aspects of properly protecting your compositions in this Copyright and Publishing Law: For Musicians and Songwriters tutorial. You will understand that with the new communication technologies and the Internet, a worldwide community can easily share and download information, images, music and other intellectual property simply with the click of a mouse. Brock covers what types of works can be protected, how to best ensure creative ownership, as well as promoting and exercising control over your intellectual property. In addition, learn about standard contract terms, the granting of rights, exclusivity, termination of rights and equitable compensation.

Legal Disclaimer:
The information contained in this video is not and should not be viewed as legal advice. It is a general overview of the subject matter. Specific facts, circumstances, law, and other considerations may substantially change the outcome of any matter, and this video does not apply specific law to specific facts. This video, and the contents of it, should not be used as a substitute for legal advice. Before taking any action and/or making any decision relative to the subject matter, you should consult an attorney.

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Presenter Info

Brock ShinenBrock Shinen is a California entertainment & intellectual property attorney. He represents clients in the music, film, art and literary industries. Brock is also a published writer and noted speaker in the fields of intellectual property and entertainment. He has trained professionals and amateurs alike in various aspects of the entertainment industry. Of particular interest to Brock is the field of electronic education. He is actively involved with a variety of organizations in developing and implementing programs designed to reach musicians and songwriters in the electronic world. As a commercially published songwriter and guitar enthusiast, Brock maintains a balance between the artistic and practical sides of life.