Captivate 8


​In this online training course, you will learn how to use Adobe Captivate 8. This software allows you to quickly create online interactive learning projects, with little or no knowledge of code.

Length: 2 hours

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With this Adobe Captivate 8 training course, presenter Dan Fanella teaches you how to create interactive slides, integrate your project with PowerPoint, add captions and objects, insert various multiple media types such as audio and video, add quizzes and other learning objects, create a responsive project, and publish your project to various media and devices.

Sample clip

  1. Getting Started
    What you’ll learn in this training
    Explore the new interface
    Project overview
  2. Projects & Recording
    Create a new project
    Create a new project from a PowerPoint presentation
    Accessing the timeline
    Navigating the timeline
    Record a new project
  3. Slides
    Accessing master slides
    Delete master slides
    Editing and add a background image
    Adding slides
    Change the slide order
    Use and apply slide transitions
  4. More with PowerPoint
    Import addtional PowerPoint slides
    Edit imported PowerPoint slides
    Insert Captivate projects into a PowerPoint presentation
  5. Captions
    Add a text caption
    Change the properties of captions
    Export text captions
    Import text captions
    Change the caption timing
    Add text captions automatically during recording
    Copy text captions
    Move and resize text captions
    Change the text caption using the Timeline
  6. Objects
    Draw shapes
    Apply gradient fills
    Add buttons
    Add an interaction
    Add a highlight box
    Add a rollover image
  7. Audio
    Recording audio in sync
    Recording audio to slides
    Editing recorded audio
    Normalizing audio
    Add background audio
  8. Video
    Adding FLV or F4V files to slides
    Inserting non-Flash video files
    Inserting YouTubeâ„¢ videos
  9. Quizzes
    Create question slides
    Modify question slides
    Create question pools
    Move question slides to another question pool
  10. Responsive Projects – New in Captivate 8
    Open and create a responsive project
    Choose a theme or customize the theme colors
    Adjust the device and slide height
    Position objects for different devices
    Add gesture support for a touch-enabled device
    Add geolocation
    Explore new learning interactions
    Create a drag and drop interaction
    Add shapes
  11. Publishing Projects
    Publish HTML5 files
    Publish SWF files
    Publish for an LMS
    Print project as handouts