C++ Primer


With this C++ Primer training course, presenter Wade Ashby gets you started with setting up an environment and then guides you through defining Variables and Constants. Next, Wade delves into topics such as Loops, Arrays, Strings, and more!

Length: 1 hour 6 min

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In this essential training course, C++ Primer, learn the basics of the general-purpose programming language C++. You’ll learn how to create conditional operations, functions and arrays, as well as search and sort arrays. Lastly, you’ll learn how to create classes. Let’s get started!


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1. Getting Started
Setting up an environment

2. The Basics of a Program
Writing “Hello World!”
Commenting code
Looking at cout
Defining variables
Defining constants
Arithmetic operators
Compound assignment operators
Reading in variables

3. Conditional Operations
The if statement
The ternary operator
The switch statement
The while loop
The do while loop
The for loop
Nested loops

4. Functions
Explanation and parts of a function
Creating a function
Adding parameters to a function
Handling values between functions
Recursive functions

5. Arrays
Explanation of an array
Creating and populating an array
Printing an array

6. Searching and Sorting Arrays
Linear search
Insertion sort
Bubble sort
Modified linear search
Binary search

7. Strings and Classes
Explanation of a string
Handling string input
Manipulating strings
String as a class
Explanation of a class
Creating a class