Bridge CC 2014


In this Adobe Bridge CC 2014 training course, presenter Matthew Lenz starts with the basics of interface navigation and then moves on to topics such as importing photos, working with metadata, using Mini Bridge, viewing as a slideshow, and more!

Length: 23 min.

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In this Adobe Bridge CC 2014 online training series, you’ll take a look at how Bridge functions as a standalone application, and how it works right inside the workspace of some Adobe apps that feature the Mini Bridge Panel.

Adobe Bridge CC lets you organize all of your content that you use for print, video and the web. Bridge can be an important centerpiece for all of your Adobe based projects. You can locate and organize your files in Bridge, and then quickly bring them right into your project with just a few clicks.


Sample clip

  1. Getting Started
    What you will learn in this training
    Using & managing the workspace
    Managing color
  2. Organizing & Importing
    Navigating files & folders
    Opening files in Bridge CC
    Searching for files
    Performing a Quick Search
    Getting photos from a digital camera
    Placing files into other Adobe apps
    Stacking files in Bridge
    Working with metadata
  3. Interfacing with Bridge
    Using Mini Bridge
    Going to Bridge from other Adobe Apps
  4. Previewing & Comparing
    Using the Preview panel
    Using Review mode
    Using the Loupe tool
    Viewing as a slideshow