Become a Mobile Developer – Course Bundle


Get a crash course in Mobile Design & Development!

Learn to design and develop responsive websites, mobile apps, and even mobile games with this Become a Mobile Developer – Course Bundle, from Total Training.

Total Bundle Length: 100+ hrs

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With over 100 hours of intensive instruction, these online courses will teach you how to design and develop responsive websites, mobile apps, and even mobile games.

The Become a Mobile Developer Training Bundle starts out by breaking down the fundamentals of UI and UX design for mobile. Then put the theory into practice by using apps like Adobe XD, Sketch, and Bootstrap. Plus, you’ll learn to create all the custom elements you need for mobile apps using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Whether you want to develop apps for Android or Apple iOS, these courses have you covered. And if mobile gaming piques your interest, you’ll find the lessons on Unity 3D essential to your learning.

By the time you’ve completed these courses, you will be a mobile development pro by having mastered the theory, tools, and techniques used in the industry.

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  1. App Design with Adobe XD
  2. UI/UX & Web Design Using Adobe XD
  3. Design Mobile App Icons Using Photoshop & Illustrator
  4. UI Design with Photoshop – From Beginner to Expert
  5. Swift Programming for Beginners
  6. Bootstrap 4 – Exploring New Features
  7. Bootstrap 3 – Develop Responsive Websites
  8. HTML5 & CSS3 – Building Responsive Websites
  9. Sketch 3 Mobile App Design
  10. Swift 3 – Exploiting iOS Features
  11. Unity 3D – Mobile Game Development
  12. iOS 9 Programming – Intermediate
  13. Android App Development – Easy & Quick Programming
  14. App Inventor 2 – Build Android Apps with No Coding Required
  15. iOS App Building – Using Swift TableView
  16. iOS 9 App Development for Beginners
  17. UI and UX Design for Mobile
  18. Muse CC: Create a Responsive Website

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