Battery 3 : Drums & Percussion

Battery 3 : Drums & Percussion


Total Run Time: 0.75 hrs

Battery 3 from Native Instruments is the perfect tool for producing professional drum tracks. With a powerful and intuitive interface, Battery 3 has become the standard among producers needing a high-end percussive workhorse sampler.

Topics include

  1. Quick Start
  2. Getting Around Battery 4]
  3. Introduction to the Matrix
  4. Cell Tab
  5. Mapping Tab
  6. Wave TabLoop Tab
  7. Effects Tab
  8. Master Tab
  9. Power User Tips
  10. Troubleshooting

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A DJ for more than 16 years, your host Kevin Bazell will describe Battery 3’s features, which include more than 100 professional kits ranging from authentic acoustic kits to contemporary electronic collections and ethnic percussion from all over the world. You will learn to harness the unparalleled power and creative freedom in Battery 3 while producing professional sounding tracks.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter 1: Quick Start (2 min)

  1. Quick Start
Chapter 2: Getting Around Battery 3 (4 min)

  1. Loading Kits and Cell Management
Chapter 3: Introduction to the Matrix (2 min)

  1. Re-Size the Matrix/Show Solo and Mute /Show Selecting Rows and Columns for Editing
Chapter 4: The Cell Tab (9 min)

  1. Sample Name/Key Range/Tuning/Amplitude Envelopes
  2. Pitch Envelopes/Panning Cells/Master Volume /Multiple Outputs
  3. Sample Modes/Reverse/DFD/Quality
Chapter 5: The Setup Tab (5 min)

  1. Voice Groups/Stealing/Velocity Curves/Note Controls and Quantize
  2. Articulation/Echo and Humanize
Chapter 6: The Mapping Tab (1 min)

  1. Loading Multiple Samples/Setting Different Velocities
Chapter 7: The Wave Tab (1 min)

  1. Waveform Editing
Chapter 8: The Loop Tab (2 min)

  1. Creating Loops/Sound Design with the Loop Editor
Chapter 9: The Modulation Tab (3 min)

  1. Using the Modulation Matrix / LFO’s and Modulation Envelopes
Chapter 10: The Effects Tab (4 min)

  1. Lo-Fi/Saturator/EQ and Filter/Compressor/Inverter
Chapter 11: The Master Tab (3 min)

  1. The Limiter/Delay/Reverb
Chapter 12: The Browser Tab (1 min)

  1. The Browser/Saving Favorite Folders/Previewing Loops on Tempo/In Kit Preview
Chapter 13: Power User Tips (2 min)

  1. Cell Informationon Rollover/Key Follow/Sample Purge
Chapter 14: Troubleshooting (2 min)

  1. Audio and MIDI Settings/Set Factory Content Path/Loading Loops Into Cells/Loading Multiple Samples Into Cells

Presenter Info

Kevin BazellKevin Bazell, known as Kazell, has been on the American club scene as a DJ for more than 16 years with his unique brand of electronic dance music. Originally from the UK, now living in LA, Kazell has established himself as a master of creating a mood and building suspense in his DJ sets with a synthesis of tough percussive beats, melodic breaks and rhythmic waves of Electrofunk. He has performed with such headliners as Sasha, John Digweed, Deep Dish and Sander Kleinenberg and has toured the UK, Japan, Germany and the US to promote his acclaimed album “Driven”. Kevin has also established himself as an expert clinician, product specialist and user of Native Instruments products.