Audition CC – Basics


In Audition CC – Basics, presenter Matthew Lenz will get you up and running with Adobe Audition CC, from navigating the interface to recording and editing your audio.

Length: 23 min

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Adobe Audition CC allows you to create, edit, and enhance single track and multitrack recordings. In this Audition CC – Basics online training series, you will learn about the workspace, how to set up your audio hardware, and start recording tracks. You’ll also take a look at some of the basic editing tools in Audition CC, like trimming audio tracks, and creating fades.

Sample clip

  1. Getting Started
    What you’ll learn in this training
    Getting to know the workspace
    Setting the input and output
  2. Playback
    Opening an existing audio file
    Moving the Current Time Indicator
    Getting to know the Vertical Ruler
    Using the Zoom Navigator
    Using the Zoom Tools
    Using the Time Selection Tool
    Looping audio playback
  3. Recording Audio
    Creating a new file
    Setting an input level
    Recording an audio track
    Re-recording audio
  4. Basic Audio Editing
    Understanding the waveform
    Trimming audio tracks
    Deleting audio
    Creating fades