Antares Auto-Tune

Antares Auto-Tune


Total Run Time: 1.3 hrs

Auto-Tune is an audio processor designed as a plug-in to correct intonation problems with vocals or solo instruments in real-time without distortion or artifacting. During this Antares Auto-Tune tutorial Jeff Dykhouse, a veteran audio engineer, demonstrates how to disguise common recording inaccuracies and mistakes as you learn to produce more precisely tuned recordings.

Topics included

  1. How Auto-Tune Works
  2. Assigning to a Track
  3. Auto Mode
  4. Graphic Mode
  5. Auto Mode

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Auto-Tune has been used by many great artists to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances, and by working through this tutorial you will have the tools to improve the quality and precision of your vocal processing. Once finished, you will be able to understand the inner workings of this advanced plug-in and how to improve your recording and apply what you have learned to your audio pre-processing projects.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter 1: How AutoTune Works (13 min)

  1. About Pitch
  2. About Scales
  3. About Vibrato
Chapter 2: Assigning To A Track (4 min)

  1. As VST or AU/As RTAS or TDM/As AudioSuite
Chapter 3: Auto Mode (06 min)

  1. Overview of Controls
Chapter 4: Graphic Mode (7 min)

  1. Overview of Controls
Chapter 5: Auto Mode (18 min)

  1. The Basic Adjustments
  2. Changing the Scales
  3. Creating and Eliminating Vibrato
  4. Defining Scales Using MIDI
  5. Creating Harmonies Using MIDI
Chapter 6: Graphic Mode (29 min)

  1. The Basics of Graphic Mode
  2. Fixing One Bad Note In A Phrase
  3. Using the Import Auto and Make Curve Features
  4. Using AutoTune As An AudioSuite Plug-in in ProTools – creating a permanently tuned track

Presenter Info

Jeff DykhouseJeff Dykhouse has been actively involved in audio engineering for more than 20 years. He has been a user of computer-based recording systems from their inception. Jeff’s diverse career has earned him gold and platinum awards (RIAA). Many of Jeffs endeavors have been within the Praise & Worship genre, where he has worked with top artists such as Paul Baloche, Crystal Lewis, Kevin Prosch and The Violet Burning. Additional clients include corporations such as RCA, Apple Computer, NBC and Charles Schwab. Jeff owns and operates a recording facility and systems design company in Temecula, CA.