Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript

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Get Up to Speed with Angular 2! With Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript, you’ll be able to set up and get going on your own Angular 2 projects quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Length: 5 hrs

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There’s no way around it. If you want to gain a competitive edge in UI/UX design, web development, or anything to do with mobile and desktop web apps, then you need to know Angular JS. Better yet, you need to know Angular 2, the latest version. This Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript training course will refresh your memory and get you updated on the essentials of the latest version. And if you’re just getting started with Angular JS, don’t worry, this is the perfect introduction too.

Get Up to Speed with Angular 2:

  • Understand Angular 2 and how it can help you as a developer
  • Code an Angular 2 project with an online IDE
  • Get to grips with Angular 2’s many powerful features
  • Improve your UI/UX design and development skills
  • Discover what’s new in the latest version of Angular
  • Upgrade your Programming Skills

This Angular 2 online course will give you a thorough understanding of how Angular 2 solutions are designed, administered, and developed. If you’re a web, mobile or service app developer, architect, UI designer, tester or administrator, or if you just want to know how to get Angular 2 projects up and running, then this is the course for you.

You don’t need any Angular 1 or UI experience to take this course, although if you’re familiar with creating web UIs with normal JavaScript tools (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.), or object-oriented scripting languages like Java, C#, Python etc., you’ll already have a head start.

The course will begin with an introduction to TypeScript, the Cloud9 IDE and using Angular 2 modules. Then you’ll get stuck into Angular 2’s components, building a UI and binding your data. After that things get a little more challenging with a breakdown of advanced component concepts and component composition. From there you’ll jump into services, web services, and routing before setting up Angular 2 from scratch.

Your instructor, Brett Hooper, is a seasoned software engineer with a 20+ year IT career, which includes Fortune 200 clients and the US Dept. of Defense.

About Angular JS

Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. It’s a structural framework that allows you to use HTML as your template language, and is JavaScript based. It has many high-power features like data binding and dependency injection that eliminates huge chunks of coding for the developer, making the process much more efficient and streamlined. It’s mostly maintained by Google and a wide network of users. Angular 2 is the latest version of the framework, first released in September 2014.
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Angular 2 Crash Course with TypeScript

CHAPTER 01: Introducing Angular 2
Section Introduction (2:00)
Say Hello To Angular 2 (4:10)
How This Course Works (3:02)
Overview of the Course Project (2:00)
Section Summary (0:52)

CHAPTER 02: Pack Our Lunch
Section Introduction (0:59)
Why Typescript In Angular2 (3:56)
Getting the Cloud9 Online IDE (3:57)
Setting Up the Cloud9 IDE (2:02)
Setting Up The Course Project (8:06)
Using Angular 2 Modules (4:03)
Section Summary (1:26)

CHAPTER 03: Angular 2 Components
Section Introduction (1:14)
The Component Defined (2:23)
The Component Parts (4:52)
Tying a Component Together (1:59)
The App Component (4:28)
Bootstrapping An Angular 2 App (6:57)
Section Summary (4:00)

CHAPTER 04: Building Angular2 UI
Section Introduction (2:40)
The Component Template (5:47)
Create A Template (2:44)
The Directive Component (4:25)
Interpolation (4:08)
Angular2 Built-In Directives (9:27)
Section Summary (3:09)

CHAPTER 05: Binding in Angular2
Section Introduction (1:47)
Property Binding (3:42)
Event Binding (3:49)
Data Binding (2:09)
Formatting Bound Data (3:20)
Section Summary (2:08)

CHAPTER 06: Advanced Component Concepts
Section Introduction (2:18)
Interfaces and Components (5:08)
Styling Components (4:02)
Component Lifecycle Events (3:55)
Pipe Transform Interface (7:55)
Section Summary (3:11)

CHAPTER 07: Component Composition
Section Introduction (1:58)
Parent-Child Components (5:10)
More Parent-Child Components (2:24)
Property Binding with Input (2:40)
Event Binding with Output (5:38)
Section Summary (2:13)

CHAPTER 08: Services
Section Introduction (1:39)
Angular2 Dependency Injection (2:11)
Creating Services (3:14)
Using Services (2:55)
Service Injection (4:36)
Section Summary (2:03)

CHAPTER 09: Web Services
Section Introduction (1:21)
Observables vs Promises (2:06)
Using Reactive Extensions (2:11)
HTTP Requests (6:14)
Implementing Observables (2:26)
Section Summary (2:04)

CHAPTER 10: Angular 2 Routing
Section Introduction (5:27)
Route Configuration (3:17)
Routes and Actions (4:53)
Routes and Views (1:50)
Routes and Parameters (5:35)
Routes and Code (2:32)
Section Summary (4:08)

CHAPTER 11: Setting up Angular 2 from Scratch
Section Introduction (0:28)
Configuring the Compiler (2:45)
Project Dependencies (2:57)
Core Libraries (0:53)
Section Summary (0:36)

CHAPTER 12: Course Summary
Section Introduction (0:33)
Review of Concepts (1:37)
Beyond This Course (0:46)
Course Finale (1:22)

Brett Hooper, Brett is a seasoned software engineer with a 20+ year IT career, which includes Fortune 200 clients and the US Dept. of Defense.

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