Amazon Web Services – Course Bundle

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Become an AWS master with this bundle of online courses!

With over 30 hours of intensive instruction, this Amazon Web Services – Course Bundle will get you up to speed on leveraging the AWS platform. Learn all you need to know about Storage, S3, CloudFront, Networking, VPC, DevOps, and so much more!​​​​​​​

Total Bundle Length: 30+ hrs

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Knowledge and expertise in AWS could be very valuable for your career. Jobs requiring these skill sets pay higher than most of the jobs posted on public job boards within the US, with salaries for professionals as high as $100,000. Get started with this Amazon Web Services – Course Bundle and you’ll become proficient in cloud computing as well as how to incorporate Docker and Python Flask into your AWS tasks.

Sample clip

  1. AWS Masterclass: DevOps with AWS Command Line Interface – 5.5 hrs
  2. AWS Masterclass: Storage, S3 & CloudFront – 3 hrs
  3. AWS Masterclass: Networking & Virtual Private Cloud – 5.5 hrs
  4. AWS Masterclass: Monitoring & DevOps with AWS CloudWatch – 4 hrs
  5. Scaling Docker on AWS – 6 hrs
  6. Advanced Scalable Python Web Development Using Flask – 14 hrs

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