After Effects & CINEMA 4D – 3D Tracker Training

Total Run Time: 2 hours

Mike Hjörleifsson explains the ins-and-outs of 3D Motion Tracking in Adobe After Effects and Maxon CINEMA 4D. Specifically covered is roundtripping between the two programs. Mike dives into the new 3D Tracker in After Effects CS6.

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The idea of the training is so that busy professionals can get straight to the important aspects of the software. The training is focused so you learn what you need to know quickly and efficiently. Learn on your own time and at your pace.

Course Outline

What is camera tracking and what are the differences between motion tracking and 3D tracking?

What are your options for Camera Tracking with After Effects CS6 and Maxon CINEMA 4D?

Section 1:
Overview: Creating a 3D track in After Effects
Creating a 3D track in After Effects
Adding a CG text layer and animation to your 3D track
Replacing a laptop screen in After Effects

Section 2:
Overview: Exporting 3D data to CINEMA 4D
Installing the After Effects plug-ins for CINEMA 4D
Exporting your first scene to CINEMA 4D
Completing the roundtrip back to After Effects

Section 3:
Overview: Simple title and 3D track
Tracking the source video
Creating the 3D elements in CINEMA 4D

Section 4:
Overview: Streamlined VFX workflow
Streamlined VFX workflow, part 2