Adobe CS5: Master Collection Essentials Bundle

Adobe CS5: Master Collection Essentials Bundle


This bundle will teach you all you need to know about this comprehensive, powerful software suite.

Included in the bundle:

  • Total Training for Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe After Effects CS5: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Creative Suite 5: Design Workflow
  • Total Training for Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Encore CS5: DVD Workflow
  • Total Training for Adobe Fireworks CS5
  • Total Training for Adobe Flash CS5 Professional: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Flash Catalyst CS 5.5: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Illustrator CS5: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe InDesign CS5: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5: Essentials
  • Total Training for Adobe Soundbooth CS5: Essentials

This title is available in the
Total Training All-Access library.

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You will learn to design across media, creating interactive content while work faster, so you can do much more, in less time. Discover how to work with and manipulate high- resolution images, create and edit projects for video and motion graphics with amazing visual effects, prototype and create crisp graphics for, print, web and mobile devices, add masterful typography, design and develop dynamic websites, produce web animations and interactive content, edit audio like a pro and so much more.

This 67 hour series is the ultimate training bundle that will give you all the skills and know how you need to master your Adobe software.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection training costs up to 60% less vs. purchasing the individual products separately.

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Included Training Courses

Acrobat X Training Highlights
Explore the Redesigned Interface
Discover the New Portfolio creation interface
Share documents and forms using
Export content to other formats
Learn to use QuickTools and workspace customization
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After Effects CS5 Training Highlights
Learn to create compositions, use Roto Brush and Auto Keyframes
Discover how to use and interpolate masks
Explore how to animate using the text animation engine
Learn to use the parenting capabilities of After Effects
Use the After Effects’ 3D engine
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Creative Suite 5 Workflow Training Highlights
Create interactive modules or complete web sites with Flash Catalyst
Use InDesign to create documents using artwork from Photoshop and Illustrator
Discover Illustrator’s new Beautiful Strokes technologies
Take advantage of Photoshop’s Content Aware technology
Build a rollover navigation panel in Fireworks/li>
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Dreamweaver CS5 Training Highlights
Planning a site – Benefits of CSS, page and measurement sizing, CSS starter pages
Creating and Inserting Images – Smart Objects, rollovers, disjointed rollovers, image maps
Designing with CSS – Using the panels, box model, style sheets, selector types, background images, page layout with css
Writing HTML & CSS – Navigations, positioning, using the code view effectively, using code hints
Testing and publishing a website – find & replace, testing links, site reports, using ftp
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Encore CS5 Training Highlights
Learn how to author DVDs
Discover how to create a slideshow
Add Customized Menus to your DVDs
Create playlists and add subtitles
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Fireworks CS5 Training Highlights
FXG Export
New Design Templates
Property Inspector Workflow enhancements
Text Improvements
Layers, Pages and States Panel Improvements
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Flash CS5 Training Highlights
Learn the new drawing tools
Explore code snippets for actionScript
Work with motion presets and tweens
Understand the Flash workspaces
Discover how to use the motion editor panel
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Flash Catalyst CS5.5 Training Highlights
Full designer to developer and return workflow allows ongoing collaboration on the same project.
Resizable applications and components means websites and apps look great across devices with different screen sizes.
Workspace improvements include enhanced timelines and animations, new common Library panel, align panel, and other features.
Custom skinnable components are elements that are built by developers in Flash Builder 4.5 and then skinned by a designer in Flash Catalyst CS5.5.
Improved interactions in this recent version of Flash Catalyst means you can visually target components directly from the artboard, making it easier to define transitions to other component states.
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Illustrator CS5 Training Highlights
Creating, Using & Updating Graphic Styles
Building Intricate Logos with the new Shape Builder Tool
Making Artwork Pixel-Perfect for Web Export
Insanely Accurate Layout Techniques�no excuses!
Live Trace & Pantone Colors for T-Shirt Design
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InDesign CS5 Training Highlights
Learn to create self-adjusting layouts using auto-fit and the gap tool
Discover the MiniBridge to browse for, then drag and drop, images onto your layout, all from within InDesign
See how to adjust the corners on an InDesign frame independently
Learn to insert text and graphics into your InDesign layout
Create text that spans or splits columns without creating new text frames
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Photoshop CS5 Training Highlights
The Refine Radius Tool
Content-aware healing and fills
The Mixer Brush
Live Workspace updates
Mini Bridge
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Premiere Pro CS5 Training Highlights
Learn how to create sequences
Master capturing video from tape
Add transitions & keyframes
Discover how to export your work in the proper format
Cover new features like the Speech to text workflow
Expand native tapeless workflows (using the Media browser)
Explore the New Sequence Presets
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Soundbooth CS5 Training Highlights
Learn to Normalize Audio
Discover the power of Adding Effects
Become confident working with Multi track editing
Use Resource Central like a Pro
Export files for use in other applications and more
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