Adobe CS5.5: Production Premium – What’s New

Adobe CS5.5: Production Premium – What’s New


Total Run Time: 1.5 hrs

Total Training for Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium: What's New will introduce you to some of the key new features available in this latest update to Production Premium. Learn how to merge clips in Premiere Pro, use the Warp Stabilizer in After Effects, work with a Script-to-Story workflow, export using Adobe Media Encoder, animate with Repoussé in After Effects, and more.


  1. Premiere Pro – Merge Clips
  2. After Effects – Warp Stabilizer
  3. Watch folders – Adobe Media Encoder
  4. Adobe Story
  5. Photoshop Repousee

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In this Adobe CS5.5: Production Premium – What’s New series, you will learn how to streamline your production process with new tools for a more efficient and effective workflow. Quickly get up to speed on these skills, and stay ahead of the curve with this latest version of Adobe’s Production Premium software.

Sample clip

Course Outline

Chapter 1: MERGING CLIPS IN PREMIERE® (12 min)

  1. Merging Clips in Premiere Pro

  1. Applying the Warp Stabilizer
  2. Customizing the Warp Stabilizer Settings
Chapter 3: ADOBE MEDIA ENCODER (22 min)

  1. Using Presets & Customizing Export Settings
  2. Working with Metadata
  3. Using the AME with Premiere Pro
  4. Creating a Watch Folder
Chapter 4: SCRIPT-TO-STORY WORKFLOW (19 min)

  1. Working with a Script in Adobe Story
  2. Linking Takes to Scenes in OnLocation®
  3. Creating a Speech-to-Text Transcript
Chapter 5: REPOUSSE’ & AFTER EFFECTS® (12 min)

  1. Adding Repoussé in Photoshop®
  2. Animating Repoussé Text in After Effects
  3. Credits

Presenter Info

Luisa WintersLuisa Winters is an accomplished videographer, editor, 3D animator and graphics designer. Her compositions have been seen on broadcast TV as well as in private video productions. She has created and edited scores of video and web projects for dozens of corporate, government, and educational, commercial and private clients. An accomplished non-linear editor and instructor, Luisa has conducted training sessions and master classes for Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Flash, Deamweaver, Captivate and Encore DVD.

Luisa has been a featured speaker at NAB every year since 2005. In addition, she has also been a featured instructor for the following conventions:
Government Video Expo
DV Expo

She has led sessions and workshops in almost every US state and in several countries across the world.

Luisa is a Johns Hopkins University Graduate and is fluent in both English and Spanish.