Adobe CS3: Master Collection: Essentials Bundle

Adobe CS3: Master Collection: Essentials Bundle


Learn Adobe Creative Suite 3 from the inside out with this all inclusive essentials bundle.

Included in the bundle:

  • Acrobat 8 Professional
  • After Effects CS3: Essentials
  • Dreamweaver: CS3: Essentials
  • Encore CS3: Essentials
  • Flash: CS3: Essentials
  • Illustrator CS3: Essentials
  • InDesign: CS3: Essentials
  • Photoshop CS3: Essentials
  • Premiere Pro CS3: Essentials
  • Soundbooth CS3: Essentials

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With a team of Adobe experts leading the tutorials, you’ll learn insider tips for working with the programs in Adobe Creative Suite 3. This bundle is just the solution you’ve been looking for to enhance your creative skills and give your next design or production project a professional polish.

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Included Training Courses

Acrobat 9 Training Highlights
Learn how to enable a form so Reader users can save it after they complete it.
Use Word mail merge for PDF creation and email.
Find out how to share comments in a PDF directly in Acrobat over a network.
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After Effects CS3 Training Highlights
Learn how to create and animate graphics with new Shape Layers.
Find out how you can bring your animation to life with the new Puppet Tool.
Discover how to master some of the new effects in After Effects CS3.
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Dreamweaver CS3 Training Highlights
Web Guru, Janine Warner’s engaging lessons provide a great introduction to Dreamweaver with a focus on how to get your web site up and running quickly.
Discover the advantages and techniques, for designing with CSS.
Add interactive features like rollovers and image swaps with Janine’s advanced instructions for using the JavaScript behaviors in Dreamweaver.
Make your pages sing and dance as you learn how to use the multimedia features to add audio, video, and Flash to your web pages.
Discover how the template features can help you save time and create a better looking web site that’s also easier to update and redesign in the future.
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Encore CS3 Training Highlights
Use the Encore CS3 Interface to its full potential for a quick and organized work flow.
Build and Export to DVD, Blu-Ray, and even Flash.
Learn the foundation on how to build simple and complex menus
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Flash CS3 Training Highlights
Explore the powerful capabilities of the Pen tool.
Discover how to import existing materials from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
Learn how to publish your new Flash Site to the web.
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Illustrator CS3 Training Highlights
Discover what makes Illustrator the best tool for the job of creating top-quality line-based artwork.
Create a library of shapes, patterns and more for use in your own projects.
Prepare your artwork for print or export it for use in websites or other online output
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InDesign CS3 Training Highlights
Learn to navigate the new user interface, customize important preferences, and create document presets and templates.
Uncover new transparency effects including bevels, glows, and gradient feathers.
Find out how to use paragraph formatting options, indents and spacing, hyphenation, and formatting text with styles.
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Photoshop CS3 Training Highlights
Open your eyes to the wonders of Photoshop CS3: image manipulation, design layouts, layers and more.
Sharpen your Photoshop skills with document basics and keyboard shortcuts for Mac & PC.
Save time with automation tools for saving and loading, cropping, PhotoMerge, and web galleries.
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Premiere Pro CS3 Training Highlights
Learn how to capture video from your camera to your computer.
Get better equipped at turning good video into great video using the effects tools.
Explore the many output options including video to tape, disc, and web formats.
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Soundbooth CS3 Training Highlights
Get rid of hiss, hum, and other unwanted artifacts with Spectral Editing and Noise Reduction filters.
Use EQ to shape your sounds and clean up problem areas, professionally and effectively.
Get control of your voiceovers, adding clarity and punch with Dynamics Processing.
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