Contribute CS3

Contribute CS3


Total Run Time: 3.75 hrs

Total Training for Adobe Contribute CS3 will introduce you to this little known, but very useful, member of the Adobe Creative Suite family. Contribute, an alternative to expensive and complex content management systems, allows you to easily publish content to your website without any HTML knowledge.


  1. Enhanced blog editing experience
  2. Improved workflow with Microsoft Office
  3. Flash Video support
  4. Improving application launch speed
  5. Improved CSS rendering

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Presenter Abbas Rizvi, will help you get started with building Dreamweaver templates and integrating Contribute into your workflow to make web publishing accessible to just about everyone. You’ll learn the process of setting up a site or blog connection, administering a site and working with text, images, links, tables and even video in your webpages.

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Course Outline

Chapter 1: SETTING UP CONTRIBUTE (22 min)

  1. Project Overview
  2. Introducing the Contribute Workspace
  3. Integrating Bridge into Your Workflow
  4. Setting Preferences
  5. Setting Up a Server on Microsoft® Windows
  6. Setting Up a Server on Mac OS® X

  1. Enabling Contribute Compatibility
  2. Developing Templates
  3. Creating a Page Based on a Template
  4. Making Site Wide Changes Easier
Chapter 3: SITE ADMINISTRATION (38 min)

  1. Setting Up a Site Connection
  2. Setting Up Administration Options
  3. Looking at Roles & Settings
  4. The Shared Assets Library
  5. Creating Connection Keys
  6. Contribute Publishing Server

  1. Using a Browse, Edit, Publish Workflow
  2. Template Properties & Editable Regions
  3. Linking to Other Web Pages
  4. Working with Microsoft® Office Documents
  5. Working with Text
  6. Inserting & Formatting Site Images
  7. Importing Images from a Word Document & from Bridge
  8. Creating Tables
  9. Linking to & Embedding Documents
  10. Inserting Flash® Movies
  11. Adding Paypal® Buttons
  12. Adding a Web Search Field
  13. Creating Metatags
  14. Utilizing Add-In Contribute Toolbars
Chapter 5: MANAGING & EDITING BLOGS (34 min)

  1. Setting up a Blog Connection & Custom Blog Connection
  2. Customizing Blog Settings
  3. Creating & Managing Blog Entries
  4. Working with Content in Blogs
  5. Integration with Firefox® & Internet Explorer®
Chapter 6: TIPS & TRICKS (17 min)

  1. Improving Contribute Start-up Speed
  2. Working with Dynamic Pages
  3. Creating a Standalone Page
  4. Editing Code in an External Application
  5. Rolling Back to Previous Versions
  6. Publishing from Your Computer
  7. Working with .Mac Accounts
  8. Credits

Presenter Info

Abbas RizviAs solutions architect at Adobe, Abbas is an evangelist and instructor of Adobe’s solutions, sharing his expertise and passion for technology with knowledge workers and educators across Canada.

Abbas is an expert in Adobe’s Web development and e-learning solutions such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Contribute, Captivate and Adobe’s real-time conferencing technologies. He is a frequent presenter at Adobe customer events and leading industry conferences in North America, offering demonstrations and tutorials to Web developers, IT managers and professional trainers and coaches.

Prior to joining Adobe, Abbas was product manager at WarrenShepell, Canada’s largest provider of employee assistance programs and organizational health and wellness services. Under Abbas’ leadership, the company introduced the first online counselling service of its kind in North America.

Abbas holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Science from the University of Waterloo.