Acrobat X Pro: Essentials

Acrobat X Pro: Essentials


Total Run Time: 8 hours

Total Training for Adobe Acrobat X Pro: Essentials online training will teach you the skills you need to master this new version of Adobe's powerful document management software.

The interface for Acrobat 10 has been completely redesigned. This training series will introduce both new and experienced users to the most effective ways to create, edit and distribute PDF documents using the new interface. New users will get a comprehensive view of the entire process of creating and working with PDF documents. Experienced users will get a road map from an expert user to locate where all the vital features have been moved.


  1. Explore the Redesigned Interface
  2. Discover the New Portfolio creation interface
  3. Share documents and forms using
  4. Export content to other formats
  5. Learn to use QuickTools and workspace customization


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By the time you are done watching this Acrobat X Pro: Essentials training series, you will be proficient in creating, editing and distributing PDF documents, creating and editing interactive PDF forms, adding hyperlinks and interactivity to PDF documents, as well as creating effective PDF comment and review procedures.

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Course outline


  1. A Tour of the Acrobat X Interface
  2. Toolbar Overview
  3. Customizing the User Interface
  4. Navigation & Command Panes Overview
  5. Page Displays
  6. Using Full Screen Mode
  7. Accessing the Adobe Help System
  8. Acrobat Preferences

  1. Navigating PDFs Using Toolbars & Page Thumbnails
  2. Selecting & Copying Text & Images
  3. Creating & Editing Bookmarks
  4. Working with PDF Forms
  5. Searching PDFs
  6. Creating Indexes
  7. Exporting PDF Content t Dierent Formats
  8. Printing PDFs
Chapter 3: CREATING PDF DOCUMENTS (84 min)

  1. Printing to PDF in Windows®
  2. Saving a Microsoft Word Document as a PDF
  3. Converting Files to PDF
  4. Creating a PDF from a Scanner
  5. Performing OCR on Scanned Text
  6. Using Acrobat Distiller®
  7. Combining Files into a Single PDF
  8. Creating PDF Portfolios
  9. Customizing PDF Portfolios
  10. Capturing Web Pages as PDF Documents
  11. Selecting a PDF Output Setting
  12. Editing PDF Document Settings
  13. Image Compression Tips
  14. Fonts & Font Embedding
  15. Color, Advanced, & Standards Settings
  16. Spot Colors & The Ink Manager

  1. Using PDFMaker in Word
  2. Using PDFMaker in Excel®
  3. Using PDFMaker in PowerPoint®

  1. Inserting, Deleting, Replacing, & Extracting Pages
  2. Adding Headers & Footers
  3. Adding Background Images & Watermarks
  4. Adding Hyperlinks
  5. Adding Movies & Flash Components
  6. Adding Navigation Elements
  7. Adding Page Transitions to an Interactive Slide Show
  8. Editing Text & Graphics
  9. Comparing Two PDF Documents
  10. Redacting PDF Content
Chapter 6: CREATING PDF FORMS (103 min)

  1. Converting a PDF to a Fillable Form
  2. Creating a Form from a Scanned Document
  3. Creating Text Fields
  4. Adding Check Boxes & Radio Buttons
  5. Creating a List Box
  6. Setting Up Calculation Fields
  7. Adding a Submit Button
  8. Adding a Reset Button
  9. Using PDF Forms in Adobe Reader
  10. Distributing Forms via Email
  11. Distributing Forms via
  12. Tracking Responses
  13. Exporting Form Data to Dierent Formats
  14. Setting Tab Order in PDF Forms

  1. Creating a Digital ID
  2. Signing PDF Documents Digitally
  3. Securing PDF Documents with Passwords
  4. Securing PDF Documents with a Digital Certication
Chapter 8: COMMENTING & REVIEW (37 min)

  1. Using the Text Commenting Tools
  2. Using the Drawing Commenting Tools
  3. Working with Comments
  4. Sending a Document for Review
  5. Working with Review Tracker
  6. Enabling Usage Rights in Adobe Reader
  7. Exporting & Importing Comments
  8. Credits

Presenter Info

James MaivaldJames J. Maivald is an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) in Acrobat and owner of his own graphic design firm in the Chicago area. Jim is also an Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) with over 20 years of experience working with graphic design and office productivity software. He has written two books for Adobe Press: Dreamweaver CS5 Classroom in a Book (2010) and A Designer’s Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML (2008) and hundreds of articles on graphic design and electronic publishing. He is a nationally known speaker and presenter who represents Adobe Systems at industry events and seminars nationwide. He has been using Adobe Acrobat since version 1.