Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials

Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials


Total Run Time: 5 hours

This series will open your eyes to all the essential features available in Acrobat 9 and will show you just how easy using Acrobat in your workflow can be.


  1. Get an in-depth look at Acrobat capabilities, including its support for several collaborative processes.
  2. Learn how to speed up the business process using Acrobat's electronic forms.
  3. Discover how PDF files created using Acrobat 9 are far more than just electronic paper – they can contain Flash video and applications, hyperlinks, 3D models, and even other files.
  4. Find out how to use the review and comment workflows, regardless of the version of Acrobat your clients or colleagues are using.
  5. Learn all about and how it provides a complete platform for business and personal collaboration: share files with SHARE, collaborate in real time with ConnectNow, and work on word processing documents on-line with BuzzWord.


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During this Acrobat 9 Pro: Essentials series, you’ll discover the Acrobat interface and learn about how to create, manage and use PDF in ways you’ve probably never considered. You’ll also learn how to use Acrobat to collaborate with coworkers, no matter where they are. This training is just what you need to increase your productivity and improve your skills when working with Acrobat 9.

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Course outline


  1. Acrobat Preferences
  2. Toolbars & the Navigation Panel
  3. Common Toolbar Options
  4. Page View Modes & the Help System
Chapter 2: NAVIGATING PDFS (21 min)

  1. Using the Menu Bar & the Pages Panel to Navigate
  2. Selecting & Copying Content, Rulers & Guides
  3. Entering Form Data
  4. Creating & Managing Bookmarks
  5. Hyperlinks & Searching
  6. Saving & Exporting PDFs in Different Formats
Chapter 3: CREATING PDFS (40 min)

  1. Direct Export & Distill a PDF
  2. Editing Standard PDF Settings
  3. Image Settings
  4. Font Settings
  5. Color & Advanced Settings
  6. Printing to PDF
  7. Combining Files into a Single PDF
  8. Creating PDF Portfolios
  9. Building a PDF from a Web Page

  1. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft® Word
  2. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft PowerPoint®
  3. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft Publisher
  4. Using Acrobat PDFMaker in Microsoft Excel®
  5. Creating a PDF from Windows Explorer
Chapter 5: MANIPULATING PDFS (31 min)

  1. Inserting, Deleting & Replacing Pages
  2. Adding Headers & Footers
  3. Adding Watermarks & Background Images
  4. Comparing Two PDFs
  5. Adding Multimedia
  6. Adding Hyperlinks
Chapter 6: CREATING PDF FORMS (21 min)

  1. Creating a New Form
  2. Adding a Reset Button
  3. Distributing a Form to Collect Data
  4. Collect Data & Export the Results
  5. Building a Form from a Scanned Document
Chapter 7: OPTIMIZING PDFS (8 min)

  1. Reducing File Size
  2. PDF Optimizer

  1. Create a New PDF from a Scan & Configure Conversion Settings
  2. Convert a Scan to a Searchable PDF & Run OCR
Chapter 9: PDF SECURITY (4 min)

  1. Establishing Identity
  2. Creating Security Policies
  3. Securing the PDF
  4. Removing Security from a PDF
Chapter 10: PDF REVIEW & COMMENTING (33 min)

  1. Using the Commenting Tools
  2. Organizing Comments
  3. Commenting on Video
  4. Sending a Document for an Email-Based Review
  5. Sending a Document for Shared Review
  6. Checking for & Replying to Comments
  7. Using the Review Tracker
  8. Merging, Importing & Summarizing Comments

  1. Accessibility Setup, Full Check & Report
  2. Adjust Language Settings & Tag PDF for Accessibility
  3. The Acrobat Read Out Loud Options

  1. Indexing
  2. Creating a New Batch Sequence

  1. Using
  2. Using Collaborate Live
  3. Using ConnectNow
  4. Using Buzzword®
Chapter 14: TIPS & TRICKS (42 min)

  1. 3D
  2. Preflight
  3. Attaching a PDF to an Email
  4. The Typewriter Tool
  5. Enabling Usage Rights in Adobe Reader®
  6. Digital Signatures
  7. Redaction
  8. Organizer
  9. Screen Capture on Mac®
  10. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

James LockmanJames Lockman is the owner of James Lockman Consulting, a digital workflow consulting and training company. James holds a degree in physics and applied physics from Yale University, and has years of experience teaching high school and college physics. James joined Working Words & Graphics in 1995 to head its Digital Prepress division. Since then, he has become a technical resource for manufacturers, software vendors, printers, agencies and graphic designers worldwide. His long practical experience with PostScript and PDF workflows, coupled with his teaching skills, make a great fit for training technical subjects.

James is an Adobe Certified Creative Suite Master and Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Consultant. With customers ranging from large agencies to small boutique newspapers, his expertise in Acrobat and web-based collaboration make them more agile in today’s electronic document workflows. He is a frequent presenter at industry events and online for Adobe Systems. James is also a seasoned instructor. In the early 1990s, he taught physics at Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts and at Worcester Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts. He also taught Astronomy and Physics at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, where he studied Physics and Electrical Engineering. On graphics subjects, he is the host of several Total Training series, including Total Training for Acrobat 9 Essentials and InDesign CS4 Essentials, and has more titles in the works. He blogs at

James lives in Maine with his wife and three sons, and enjoys making maple syrup and playing the tuba.