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In Access 2013, presenter Cindy Rybaczyk will take you through the basics of customizing the Ribbon and using the Quick Access toolbar, and then explain other topics such as creating a tables using a template, sorting query results, using the Report Wizard.

This is training for Microsoft Access 2013 for Windows.

Length: 2 hrs 14 min

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In this Microsoft Access 2013 training course, learn how to use the results-oriented user interface that’s context-sensitive and optimized for efficiency and flexibility.  Learn how to create a database, work with tables, and develop queries. Then, learn how to create a form for entering data and run reports.

This training is for Microsoft Access 2013 for Windows.

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  1. Getting Started
    What you’ll learn in this training
    Beginning from a template
    Working with Access objects: tables
    Working with Access objects: forms part 1
    Working with Access objects: forms part 2
    Working with Access objects: reports
    Working with Access objects: queries
  2. Basics
    Working with, using, and minimizing the ribbon
    Customizing the ribbon part 1
    Customizing the ribbon part 2
    Resetting ribbon customizations
    Using the Quick Access toolbar
    Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
    Resetting the Quick Access toolbar
    Using Backstage view
    Using the navigation pane & shutter bar
    Finding help in Access
    Searching for a topic in Access help
    Creating a PDF
  3. Understanding Content Security
    Enabling a database that is not trusted
    Viewing and understanding the Trust Center
    Defining trusted locations
  4. Creating a Database
    Creating a new database based on an existing database
    Creating a database from a template
    Finding database templates online
    Beginning a new database from scratch
    Creating a table in Design View
    Creating a table by entering data
    Creating a table by using a template
    Assigning a Primary Key
    Assigning multiple Primary Keys
    Inserting additional fields
    Deleting existing fields
    Navigating through a table
    Adding, editing, and deleting records in a table
  5. Working with a Table
    Finding data in a table
    Replacing data in a table
    Entering data using AutoCorrect
    Adding to the AutoCorrect collection
    Using spell check
    Hiding and unhiding columns
    Freezing and unfreezing columns
    Renaming a field
    Copying a field
    Changing row height & column width
    Filtering records in a table
    Filtering records by form
  6. Creating a Form
    Creating a simple form
    Working in layout view part 1
    Working in layout view part 2
    Creating a form using the Form Wizard
    Creating a form from scratch
    Adding a field to a form
    Working in design view
    Using a form for adding, modifying, or deleting records
    Displaying a form & its data simultaneously
  7. Working with Queries
    Creating a detail query
    Creating a summary query
    Creating a query in design view
    Creating a multiple table query
    Adding criteria to a query
    Using logical operators in queries
    Sorting query results
    Finding the top values in a query
  8. Working with Reports
    Creating a report using the Report Wizard
    Creating a one click report
    Creating a report in Design view
    Creating a report in Layout view
    Adding a page header and footer
    Adding a report header and footer