Access 2007 – Advanced


In Access 2007  Advanced, presenter Beth Bruestle will teach you how to work with Tables & Fields, Queries, Forms, and Reports. Then she'll cover topics such as PivotTables, Macros, Database tools, and more!

This is training for Microsoft Access 2007 for Windows.

Length: 2 hrs 35 min

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Access 2007 Advanced will teach you all about Microsoft Access 2007, the easy-to-use database software that helps you track and report information with ease.  It features a results-oriented user interface that’s context-sensitive and optimized for efficiency and flexibility.  You’ll be on your way to being an Access power-user after working through this advanced level tutorial series!

Sample clip

  1. Relationships & Referential Integrity
    Understanding relationships
    Creating a one-to-many relationship pt. 1
    Creating a one-to-many relationship pt. 2
    Creating a many-to-many relationship
    Enforcing referential integrity
    Editing and deleting relationships
    Modifying the Relationship window
    Printing Table relationships
  2. Tables & Fields
    Indexing a field
    Indexing multiple fields
    Using Validation rules and text in a table
    Creating a Lookup field
    Creating a Value list
    Using the Attachment Data Type
  3. Queries
    Creating a Union query
    Creating a Crosstab query
    Concatenating two or more fields
    Using the Between And operator
    Using Wild Card characters
    Using the IIF function
  4. Forms
    Creating a sub form
    Displaying a sub form calculation
    Opening a sub form in a new window
    Setting control defaults
    Using a Tab control
    Managing attachments in a form
    Adding a totals row to Datasheet view
  5. Reports
    Creating a sub report
    Creating numbered lists
    Creating a multicolumn report
    Creating a report template
    Coloring alternate rows in a table, form, or report
  6. Charts, PivotTables, & PivotCharts
    Creating a chart in a form or report pt. 1
    Creating a chart in a form or report pt. 2
    Editing an existing chart pt. 1
    Editing an existing chart pt. 2
    Creating a PivotTable
    Working in a PivotTable pt. 1
    Working in a PivotTable pt. 2
    Working in a PivotTable pt. 3
    Creating a PivotChart from a PivotTable
    Creating a PivotChart
    Working in a PivotChart pt. 1
    Working in a PivotChart pt. 2
    Working in a PivotChart pt. 3
  7. Switchboards
    Understanding a Switchboard
    Creating a Switchboard using the Switchboard Manager pt. 1
    Creating a Switchboard using the Switchboard Manager pt. 2
    Creating a Switchboard from scratch
  8. Macros
    Creating a simple macro
    Creating a macro using the Macro Builder
    Assigning a macro to a form/report control event
    Adding a condition to a macro
    Creating a group macro
    Creating an AutoExec macro
    Using Single Step mode to test a macro
  9. Exporting Data
    Exporting an object to another Access database
    Exporting to a spreadsheet
    Exporting to a text file
    Exporting to Microsoft Word
    Using a table or query as a Mail Merge data source
  10. Importing Data
    Importing from another Access database
    Importing spreadsheet data
    Importing text files pt. 1
    Importing text files pt. 2
    Linking tables from other Access databases
  11. Database Tools & Maintenance
    Compacting and repairing a database
    Backing up a database
    Using the Database Documenter
    Converting an Access database
    Checking object dependencies
  12. Smart Tags, Startup, & Help
    Using Smart Tags
    Setting Startup options
    Using Help