Ableton Live 7: The Essentials

Ableton Live 7: The Essentials


Total Run Time: 5 hours

Ableton Live 7 is the latest installment of the long time favorite of remix and electronics artists. A powerful audio loop-based sequencer that is specifically designed for instruments in live performances and studio recordings is found in this amazing music software.

Topics included

  1. Quick Start
  2. Getting Ready
  3. Working with Clips
  4. Recording and Editing
  5. Plug-In Effects
  6. Virtual Instruments
  7. Creating a Complete Song

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Live 7 offers many improvements and additions from the previous version (Live 6). In this Ableton Live 7 tutorial, Cliff Truesdell demonstrates the creative potential of this software that has made it an essential tool for so many of today’s musical artists.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter 1: Quick Start (23 min)

  1. Part 1, The Ableton Live Interface, Dragging and Dropping Loops
  2. Part 2, Creating Multiple Scenes, Making An Arrangement, Recording An Arrangement
  3. Part 3, Editing, Mixing and Exporting
Chapter 2: Getting Started (23 min)

  1. Installing Ableton Live
  2. Setting Up Preferences, Audio Preferences, MIDI Preferences
  3. Ableton Live Interface
  4. The Browser
  5. The Toolbars
  6. Audio Tracks
  7. MIDI Tracks
  8. The Master Track
  9. The Arrangement View
  10. Navigating the Live Interface
  11. Operation Techniques
  12. Creating Templates
Chapter 3: Working With Clips (46 min)

  1. Clip Basics, Clip Views, Track Views
  2. Working With Audio Clips
  3. The Sample Box and Sample Display
  4. The Envelopes Box
  5. Warping Audio Clips
  6. Working With MIDI Clips
  7. MIDI Clip Editing
  8. Launching Clips
  9. Recording and Exporting An Arrangement With Clips
Chapter 4: Recording and Editing (45 min)

  1. Basic MIDI Recording
  2. MIDI Recording With Your Computer Keyboard
  3. MIDI Recording In The Arrangement View
  4. Editing MIDI Recordings
  5. Audio Recording Setup
  6. Audio Recording Session View
  7. Creating Audio Clips From A Recording
  8. Creating Multiple Clips From A Recording
  9. Audio Recording in The Arrangement View
Chapter 5: Plug-In Effects (43 min)

  1. Using the Included Audio Effects
  2. Using the Included MIDI Effects
  3. Sends and Returns
  4. Beat Repeat Basics
  5. Arpeggiator Basics
  6. Third Party Audio Units and VST Effects
  7. Effects Racks
Chapter 6: Virtual Instruments (43 min)

  1. Using The Impulse Drum Sampler
  2. Using The “Simpler” Sampler
  3. The Drum Rack Part 1
  4. The Drum Rack Part 2
  5. Third Party Audio Units and VST Instruments
  6. Inside Instrument Racks
  7. Creating Instrument Racks
  8. Key Mapping
Chapter 7: Creating A Complete Song (27 min)

  1. MIDI Mapping
  2. Preparing and Recording and Arrangement
  3. Automation Basics
  4. Final Mix and Exporting
Chapter 8: Conclusion (26 sec)

  1. Conclusion

Presenter Info

Cliff Truesdell is a musician, songwriter, recording engineer and the author of “Mastering Digital Audio Production: The Professional Music Workflow with Mac OS X (Sybex)”. Working at Take Root Recording in San Francisco’s Mission district, Cliff’s credits as a musician, composer and producer include three CDs with his band the Black Furies as well as original music for independent movies, video games and television shows including MTV’s “Real World and Road Rules”.