• Total Run Time: 6.6 hours Explore the endless capabilities of Microsoft Access 2007. These lessons, hosted by Jeff Conrad begin with a solid introduction of Access and cover topics such as defining a database, knowing when to use Access, working with database objects, and converting older databases. Highlights
    1. Learn how to build new data entry forms and reports at the click of a button with the help of new Quick Create commands in Access 2007. You can then use these forms and reports as is, or modify them to your liking.
    2. Try out the new built-in Date Picker control which can be used for any date fields. Explore how to enter a date into a field on datasheets, forms, or reports - no coding required.
    3. Discover how to save valuable development time with the new Layout view in Access 2007. This cool new feature allows you to design your forms and reports while viewing live data. You can quickly resize, move, and align your controls without having to constantly switch between views.
    4. Let Jeff show you how to use the new Report view, to dynamically filter the data and drill down to print only the information you need. The traditional Print Preview view is a static snapshot of your data that you view or print.
    5. Find out how to make your data pop on screen with a Greenbar Effect by using the new Alternating Background Color button. Your data has never been easier to read on screen or in printed form.
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  • Total Run Time: 5.75 hours Not too long ago, databases were on mainframes and only skilled personnel were allowed to work with them. For most, that meant a lot of frustration both trying to communicate what was needed and then waiting to actually get it. Today, databases have come to the desktop so anyone with basic computing skills can organize, manage and retrieve their data. Doing so well and efficiently does require a basic understanding of what a relational database is and how to properly design and use one though, so let Total Training for Microsoft Access 2010: Essentials get you started on your way! Highlights
    • Learn database planning & design
    • Create quality tables
    • Discover and harness the power of queries
    • Create functional forms & reports
    This title is available in the Total Training All-Access library.
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