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All-Access Subscription

You get it all. Our All Access subscription, gives you unlimited access to every tutorial in our library and all project files! Choose from more than 350 courses including the Adobe® Creative Suite and Creative Cloud, Microsoft® Office, Small Business Skills training, Accounting software and many more. New titles are automatically added to the library [...]


Expression Blend 4: Essentials

Total Run Time: 7 hrs Total Training Expression Blend 4: Essentials will teach you to create professional looking interactive user experiences using the latest version of Expression Blend. Highlights SketchFlow Behaviors & Conditional Behaviors The PathListBox Master/Detail Databinding The Data Store This title is available in the Total Training All-Access library. Subscribe Now


Expression Blend

Total Run Time: 8.2 hrs Let Dante get you up and running with a video tour of Layouts and Controls in Expression Blend, and then delve deeper into interface design & interactivity. Highlights Learn how to design cutting-edge user interfaces and collaborate with developers to bring these stunning new types of applications to life. Generate [...]


Expression Web 2: Essentials

Total Run Time: 10 hrs Whether you are creating your first web site or looking for tips on the best ways to create designs with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Total Training for Expression Web 2: Essentials will help you make the most of Microsoft's hot new Web design program. Highlights Discover how to create a [...]


Expression Web

Total Run Time: 10 hrs If you have already watched the training inside the Microsoft Expression Web product box, you have a great head-start. Get 8 more hours of new videos with self-guided lessons from Total Training that will open your eyes to the numerous capabilities of Microsoft Expression Web. Highlights Learn how to use [...]


Expression Design

Total Run Time: 2.5 hrs Explore the magic of Microsoft Expression Design. This new, designer-friendly workspace houses all of your favorite design tools which will enable you to meet tight deadlines by streamlining your production time. Highlights Bring your text to life as you learn how to type text on a curve. See how the [...]


Expression Media

Total Run Time: 3.7 hrs Get your digital assets in order with Microsoft Expression Media. Hosted by Nick Wilcox-Brown, this video series teaches you how to organize and catalog your entire library of digital files for easy retrieval and presentation. Highlights Batch groups of images, graphics, audio and video files with ease. Add keywords, copyrights, [...]


Expression Web 4: Essentials

Total Run Time: 7.7 hrs Learn everything you need to create attractive web pages with Expression Web 4, the ultimate tool for building, testing and deploying professional standards-based websites. Highlights The basics of how web sites work Formatting text with Cascading StyleSheets Creating table-free layouts with CSS Adding Silverlight Video and applications Final website check [...]


Expression Web: Advanced

Total Run Time: 6 hrs Now that you have fine tuned your Expression Web skills with the first video series, Total Training for Microsoft Expression Web, you're ready to dive into advanced topics and discover how Expression Web is designed for ASP.NET development and how well it is integrated with Visual Studio. Highlights Discover how [...]


Expression Web: From FrontPage to Expression Web

Total Run Time: 3 hrs Janine starts with a quick review of the differences between FrontPage and Expression Web, pointing out the many ways you can customize the interface of this new web design program to make it your own. Next, you'll discover how to make the transition from Web designs created with HTML Tables [...]


Expression Studio 2: Essentials Bundle

Learn Microsoft Expression Studio 2 from the inside out with this all inclusive essentials bundle. Included in the bundle: Expression Blend 2: Essentials Expression Design 2: Essentials Expression Encoder 2: Essentials Expression Media 2: Essentials Expression Web 2: Essentials DVD - $50.00 This title is available in the Total Training All-Access library. Subscribe Now